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  • Erotica at jessINK

    An article on jessINK—the publishing company of author/artist/non-conformist, Jess C Scott.

  • What appealing DADT didn't do

    What we forgot when President Obama repealed Don't Ask Don't Tell.

  • Courage in Kansas

    Wichita has been without abortion services since the horrible murder of Dr. Tiller. But now, nearly four years later, Julie Burkhart and others step forward to fight the protesters to reopen the doors of the clinic and once again provide the constitutionally protected service.

  • "Is She Wearing A DOG Collar?" (How To Maintain Some Of Your Kink In A Vanilla Setting, Without Scaring People, Part One)

    Wouldn't life be grand if all the kinksters of the world could run around in latex catsuits and spiked leather corsets, flogging each other and kneeling at their Master's feet under the table at McDonalds without worry? Unfortunately, the world is not quite ready for that; however, it IS possible to keep some of the kink alive, even when your local church group may be watching. Here are some tips to "vanilla-ize" your kinky relationship when necessary.

  • Move Over Big Brother, Big Business Is Here

    One of the largest internet credit card processors in the world has recently announced a policy of zero tolerance regarding the use of certain words on sites it represents. How long will it be before all the others follow?

  • Sex Education: Science, not BS, please.

    No matter what individual beliefs may be regarding sexual education, it is a public matter. Access should be easily available and the literature should be accurate.

  • The Rise of Modern Sextremism

    Although it has minimal presence in the US and the UK, FEMEN is one of the fastest growing feminist activist groups in the world. One whose activities, although even many feminists disagree with them, have raised the international movement’s profile to staggering new heights.

  • The Loneliness of the Long Distance Sex Writer

    A lot of us here have written something that other people disagree with. All of us have read things that make us see red. Some thoughts on the nature of criticism, and why sex writers make such a popular target.

  • Margaret Thatcher dies at 87

    Britain’s first and only female Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, passed away today. What legacy did she leave for women in politics?

  • Should prostitution be legal?

    While I would never turn to prostitution as a profession, I do think it should be legalized.

  • Economy Stimulation with Prostitution

    Just my humble opinion on legalizing prostitution.

  • The Oldest Profession For A Reason

    Prostitution isn't going anywhere. Rather than being naive, as a country we need to work to regulate it.

  • Shining A Light Into Darkness, Illuminating The Sex Trade

    Should prostitution be legal? A healthy national attitude about sex not only makes things pleasurable for its citizens, but also makes great financial sense.

  • War on Abortion Opens New Front Line in North Dakota

    In North Dakota, Senate bill 2303 recognizes fertilized eggs as having full legal rights.

  • Johns, Tricks, and Cold Hard Cash

    Opinions are free to give out, but how much will you actually DO?

  • I Can Sell Everything...But The ONE Thing That Is Mine??!!

    For Sale: 1994 Oldsmobile, Jeans, Diamond Ring, Puppies, Dishes, Couch, Bed, Used Lelo Vibrator, Porn DVDs, Erotic Tales, Phone Sex, Used Underwear, Business Plan, Inventions, Intellectual Property...Everything but my body...

    Why can we sell everything we own, even our thoughts and ideas, but not our body? What would the ability to sell our own body do for our rights and lifestyles? Why is it we can sell everything but the one thing we have ultimate control over?

  • Morally Grey: Biological Children

    When does the desire for children turn grey? Is it okay if you know you will give your child a disease? Is there a line? And where is it?

  • Will Gay Marriage Become a Reality in the UK?

    Marriage Equality advocates in Britain are finally looking to make gay marriage legal – but will they succeed?

  • Why Are Some Forms of Attraction Deemed "Sexualities," while Others Are Philias?

    Pedophilia, necrophilia, zoophilia. What do all of these words have in common, and why do they often evoke a reaction of "ugh?" As someone whose biggest fetish is pregnancy and who fits much of the criteria of maiesiophilia, the terms "philia" and "paraphilia" interest me. Why are some forms of attraction deemed "sexualities" (such as homosexuality, demisexuality, pomosexuality), while others are philias?

  • Our child, whose choice?

    Generally, I am absolutely pro-life. I am on the side of the baby, not either of the parents.

  • Illinois Court Hands Down Ruling On Plan B

    After a 2005 mandate requiring all pharmacies supply the controversial contraceptive and a 2011 challenge to the law, an Illinois appellate court has made a ruling about the drug's distribution.

  • It Takes Two

    Abortion is such a hot topic, but it's often considered as a "woman's choice" problem. Who gets say over what happens to her body? But ultimately, it isn't just her body in question.

  • What About Him?

    It takes two to make a baby, but it only takes one person to decide if that embryo is born or not. Should the man have any say in what happens?

  • What Rights?

    Many people bring up the idea of requesting a father's signature before a woman can get an abortion. These people do not think of the consequences of such actions. These measures are not only undue burdens, illegal under Roe v. Wade, but also horribly oppressive measures that would force women to give birth against their will.

  • Rights Given or Taken?

    We as a society mostly agree that once a child is born, the father has some sort of parental rights and responsibilities, barring any sort of extenuating circumstances. But what about before birth? Does he have any sort of say? Should he?

  • Anonymous attacks Steubenville students accused of rape – but do their facts add up?

    Hackers affiliating themselves with the Anonymous movement have turned their attention to the Steubenville rape allegations – but their version of events doesn’t always match the facts.

  • Abortion. Rights of the Father?

    Being pregnant is already a difficult thing. However in life, nothing is simple and abortion is possible. Abortion complicates things enough in itself, but the right to choose exacerbates debates and blurs lines. What about the rights of the father? I posit that his rights only extend so far, but as usual the answer is not entirely clean cut as the one I suggest.

  • California Courts Rule Rape is Only Rape if You’re Married

    Normally it is members of the Republican party who make asinine comments about Rape, but yesterday, the California appeals court decided to get in on the act.

  • Donated Sperm? Now Donate Your Paycheck.

    A Kansas man who donated his sperm to a childless lesbian couple has now been sued – successfully – for child support.

  • He With the Clean Internet Profile May Cast the First Stone.

    Sexting, package shots, World of Warcraft??? As politicians get blamed for more of their online activities, what happens to regular people who enjoy the same activities?

  • SexIs Subjective: Equal Rights?

    Normally when you see the words "equal rights" you think of race and sexual equality; but there is another topic on my mind at the moment, one that's hard to address without offending at least a few people - Do men have the right to decide whether or not the person they impregnated gets an abortion?

  • Sanford and (ex) Spouse

    Remember that governor who disappeared, claimed he was hiking the Appalachian Trail and was really in Argentina with his mistress? He wants another chance at being your latex salesman.

  • Teen Rape Goes Viral; Town Protects Football Team

    Instagram and Twitter feeds incriminate students in a sexual assault case the authorities can’t brush under the carpet.

  • Not So Progressive – Britain to Make Gay Marriage Illegal

    Advocates for same-sex marriage in America scored some major victories in the fight for marriage equality this election – but their supporters across the pond didn’t fare so well.

  • America Should Vouch for Gay Marriage.

    Gay marriage won't be legal in all 50 states until 2024 at the earliest. What if there was a way for gay people to get married in any state, while keeping it convoluted and maintaining gays as second class citizens? That's what marriage vouchers can do!

  • Top 25 Most Popular Articles in October 2012

    What else would be on our minds besides Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness in October? Sex work, body positivity, and – of course – the election.

  • The nail that sticks out

    The absolute extreme - being average. That's right - the most extreme thing is being average. I do not mean belonging to the mass of people who are similar in a way. No, I mean being halfway between groups of people.

  • Sex Feed: New Proposed Law to Ban Bestiality in Germany

    Animal brothels tied to the decision to ban the practice.

  • Idea for the porn industry thanks to Prop B

    Laws can be a benefit. But sometimes they are just stupid and at those times I don't mind suggesting ways to exploit them, as long as you take the time to check on things to make sure it will work first.

  • Sexism in Science Still Lingers

    Women have made amazing progress from where we once were. We run the family and bring home the bacon. We are now the majority of college students. However, there is one area in which women are still horribly behind: science.

  • SexIs Subjective: Sexual Freedom and The Lack of It

    At our current time, we are fortunate that we are allowed to be who we want to be and have our own sexual preferences.Yet, at the same time, there are Jamaican citizens who are being beaten, or even killed, because they are gay or suspected to be gay. The Jamaican government isn't taking action against these vigilante mobs.

  • SexIs Subjective: Why is Everyone Obsessed with Policing My Sex Life?

    As a kinky lesbian poly woman, it seems like everyone wants a say in how I get it on. From the federal government to religious groups to well-meaning friends, apparently I'm just not doing it "right." Why does anyone even care?

  • Maine Backs Same-Sex Marriage

    On November 6th, 2012, Maine voters agreed that the state should issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. This is a huge win for the LGBT community and Maine as a whole. But not everybody thinks so.

  • Voters Support Gay Marriage in 4 States

    This election was a winning streak for same-sex marriage.

  • SexIs Subjective: Free to be Me

    What is the point of having sexual freedoms when the choices we make and the things we do are still so taboo? No one should feel condemned for what they do in the privacy of their own home.

  • So Barack Obama Won The Election: What Does That Mean for Sex-Positivity?

    Now that Barack Obama has secured a second term, what does that mean for the issues that affect us most?

  • Romney vs. Obama vs. Your Uterus

    You've considered your political candidates' views on taxes, deficit, and their four year plans. Have you considered their views on your reproductive rights? Here is the skinny!

  • Twincestual Discrimination

    Sure, you hear often of discrimination against people who are not given their rightful marriage privileges, but are those you hear about the most often the only ones denied?

  • Strange Sex?

    I know you're going to look at the title for this and wonder what the hell I'm going to be writing about. But this isn't about things I've done or seen people do. It's about a TV show called Strange Sex.

  • Why I Don’t Care About Gay Marriage (And Why You Shouldn’t Either)

    Gay marriage is a huge political issue now, with states overturning DOMA and the institution of gay marriage in several states in the last few years. Don't get me wrong--that's great. But we queers need to get our priorities straight.

  • Porn stars protest condom-only porn measure

    They appreciate safe sex, just not in their industry.

  • Sex Feed: Shameful sexual abuse in schools

    Two tales of abuse that will get your blood boiling

  • Sex Feed: Detroit's police department left without a leader due to inappropriate relationship

    Detroit police chief's sex scandal revealed

  • Extremely Conservative Judge Backs Gay Equality

    Advocates of gay rights gained an unlikely ally today, as conservative Chief Judge Dennis Jacobs ruled against the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in the federal appeals court.

  • SexFeed: Ban on Ex-Gay Therapy For Minors already under attack

    Ban on Ex-Gay therapy for minors is already under attack by two religious groups that plan on suing in federal court before it can go into effect on Jan 1.

  • Sex Feed: Former Bengals cheerleader turned teacher pleads guilty to sex with student

    She left court holding the young student’s hand.

  • Sex Feed: Vancouver Sex Trade Workers Can Challenge Prostitution Laws

    It took five long years, but The Supreme Court of Canada finally decided that prostitutes can argue their case in court.

  • Sex Feed: One small step for transgender students in Toronto schools

    The Toronto District School Board has created new guidelines accommodating transgender students

  • Sex Feed: Nova Scotian teenager held against his will

    The 16-year-old boy was chained and sexually assaulted for up to two weeks.

  • Sex Feed: Canadian HIV carriers absolved from having to legally inform their sexual partners about their condition.

    To disclose or not to disclose HIV, it just got a little more complicated.

  • Incest fantasy porn and legalities

    I think this is an odd thing to be able to find on the internet and I do not understand why I like to search for it, especially when most of the people in these videos repulse me.

  • Past, Present and Future: The Shifting Legality of Abortion

    What do we learn from our past and how do we implement those lessons in the future? America needs to take a look at statistics from our shared past before voting.

  • SexIs Subjective: Equal Rights For All!

    I believe if one group of people has a certain right, everyone else should too. It’s only fair.

  • SexIs Subjective: Marriage Equality

    As a married woman, I find marriage to be about commitment and willingness to work together, regardless of how "traditional" your relationship is.

  • SexIs Subjective: On Marriage Equality

    Marriage equality is a sensitive subject. Should marriage stay true to the tradition many are trying to uphold? If you ask me, I think that some traditions should be broken so a new one can take its place.

  • SexIs Subjective: Marriage Equality

    Marriage equality is a big issue and I wonder, why wouldn't we allow people to get married, and why would it affect my marriage?

  • Gays Can Breathe Easy - Porn is the New Threat to Marriage

    Patrick Trueman, President of Morality in Media, claims that watching porn can re-map the brain of young males, causing them to be sexually dysfunctional later in life. And he aims to prevent that. What's worse? He's got the GOP on his side.

  • AAP ignores appeals from “Intactavists.” Declare with circumcision “benefits outweigh risks.”

    For months, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has been planning their latest official statement regarding the controversial practice of infant circumcision – and has been the subject of intense lobbying by groups that both support and oppose the procedure.

  • GOP abandoning Todd Akin – but is it too little, too late?

    Apparently, even the right wing has limits when it comes to women’s reproductive rights.

  • The infamous “men-only” Augusta National Golf Club accepts two female members

    For the first time in eight decades, women can now tee-off at the famous Georgia golf establishment.

  • United Airlines “loses” unaccompanied minor on connecting flight. Doesn’t care.

    On Monday we wrote about how many airlines have a sexist policy of moving male passengers to prevent them sitting next to unaccompanied minors – something a Sydney law professor argues “effectively places all men in the category of potential offender.”

    But it gets worse.

  • To See Justice for the Raped, First they Must Be Seen.

    Despite rape's prevalence in society, the unwillingness to even discuss it has prevented major progress and left innocent people feeling helpless. Instead of waiting for the politicians to discover the willingness to address the prevalence of rape, it's time to stand up, be counted and demand change.

  • A Chicken Sandwich Vs. Marriage

    I'm sure you've heard about the recent furor over the comments made by the president of Chick-Fil-A regarding gay marriage. I think his comments may be wrong, but it's not going to stop me from enjoying their chicken sandwiches.

  • Loving the Broken: Three Women Coping with Marriage to a Military Man with PTSD

    What would you do if the man you loved was taken away from you? For many military wives, post-traumatic stress disorder can effectively steal away a beloved husband.

  • “Nanny Bloomberg”, Mayor of New York City, Launches Controversial Breastfeeding Initiative

    Mayor Bloomberg, who recently earned the nickname “Nanny Bloomberg” after banning large sodas and trans fats from New York City, has now turned his overprotective eye towards the unlikeliest of targets – brand new mothers.

  • Sexual Freedom's Fifty Shades Of Grey

    What defines ethical sex? Consent and age are the usual definitions, but what happens when dangerous sex gets dangerous, but consent seems clear? That's where questions get tough and answers become murky.

  • #SexFeed - Jerry Sandusky’s Accusers Forced to Reveal Their Names

    On Monday, opening arguments in the trial of former Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky began – and one of Judge John Cleland’s more controversial rulings in the case was the order that accusers use their real names during testimony.

  • Are student loans killing the traditional family?

    National student loan debt has surpassed $1 trillion, topping credit card debt for the first time and has prompted new calls for a student debt bailout. At the same time, marriage and birthrates are falling, while the average age people tie the knot is inching ever upward.

  • Sex Positive Stalemate: Is our activism setting the mood for failure?

    When it comes to introducing sex positive ideas and concepts to mainstream America, are we “setting the mood” for a failure of communication?

  • #SexFeed - President Obama Endorses Same-Sex Marriage – but is it too little, too late?

    Some seem to think so.

  • #SexFeed: Japan’s Gay Pride March Attracts Thousands

    Activists are hopeful numbers will reach heights of more well-known parades within five years.

  • Sliding Backwards

    How have we slipped so far so fast, with perhaps more backsliding to come? On the face of it, that doesn't make sense, even with so many cranky and fascist old white guys in leadership positions in the local, state and federal government despite men being only half the population.

  • Why Being Thin is not a Privilege

    Certainly being overweight can make life more difficult for some individuals, but declaring the state of being thin as a privilege is inappropriate and dismisses the efforts of many people who work to achieve a healthy weight.

  • Is There Such A Thing As Female Privilege?

    In the sex positive talk space we hear a lot about “male privilege” but rarely — if ever — discuss what privileges women have that men don’t.

  • American Airlines Fires Veteran, 82, for Using Homosexual Slur

    This time, we're thinking maybe it's the airline that's out of line.

  • I Got Fired for Writing About Sex

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