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So Barack Obama Won The Election: What Does That Mean for Sex-Positivity?

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Now that Barack Obama has secured a second term, what does that mean for the issues that affect us most?



very intersting


interesting, doh!


The president does have influence over the Supreme Court... They are the one who chooses the new justice when one retires, which by itself would be enough of a reason to see a huge difference between the candidates... especially around things like abortion access and equal marriage

Andrew W. McDade  

Well said. During this whole charade I have felt that people fearing Romney/Ryan would blast women's rights back the stone age was just a bully tactic. I live in Oakland where everyone is flipping out (positively) about Obama's reelection. It all just seems very jingoistic to me.


Totally right. I knew Pres Obama was just getting voters. After repealing DADT he hasn't done anything in this department as far as memory serves.



Great article. One of the biggest reasons I did not vote for Romney, which was not well publicized and even covered up, was his monetary and political advocacy involvement in trying to defeat of California's prop 8. The other was/is his involvement of disassociating gay LGBT members of the Mormon church, even if that meant kids became homeless, which is a bigger problem than most realize and encouraging of suicide "better dead than gay". Never mind working mothers and women's rights. Reproductive choice rights for male and female. Look into his actions while, and leading up to, him being Bishop of said church. The other reason was his complete disregard of his "Mexican" family that were forced to Mexico back in the late 1800's due to the massacre of Mormon polygamist. Whether the comments are fact or fiction about his reign in the church and the truth of his Governorship vs his campaign, I would not vote for anyone regardless of political party with his history. Next, his running mate was a avid Tea Party-er, and again No Way No How! MHO they are un-American, non-constitutional restrictive political agenda. Obama on the other hand, stepped back a bit when the our-agenda-is-won't-compromise-screw-the people-our goal-is-to-make-Obama-a-one-term-president Congress and Senate were voted in. Obama trying for the 99%, Romney all in for the 1%. There were just so many let's hope that Obama got his second term now grab a big stick some Roosevelts(2) steal gonads and do for this country what is needed.



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