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Sex Education: Science, not BS, please.

Sex Education: Science, not BS, please.
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No matter what individual beliefs may be regarding sexual education, it is a public matter. Access should be easily available and the literature should be accurate.



Merci pour ce texte de qualité, je vais me faire un café avec ma cafetière italienne et poursuivre la lecture après. Sans cafetière italienne je ne pourrais pas être heureuse.

Apr 20, 1:12 pm

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Apr 30, 6:55 am

We like to throw around words like “people” and “human” etc. we are in fact animals, more specifically primates...........We were not meant to be monogamous or celibate ( in my opinion ...............if it works for you? That’s great! But not everyone is able to follow societies’ ideals. Advocating for safe sexual practices and telling the truth about wether or not you will become infertile if you have sex in the school...Christ on my burnt toast do people now a days really believe that stuff? Really? I surely hope that “Miss Campbell” suffered no major hardships due to the ignorance of that principal.

Aug 8, 4:10 pm

An interesting line of thought, interesting statistics.
I also recently read one article on the blog about same-sex marriage.
Legal recognition of most of these same-sex marriages becomes a constant concern with regard to equal marriage. What do you think about it?

Aug 17, 11:13 am

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