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3 Steps to Beautiful
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Keeping a positive self image is difficult in this age of beach blonde Barbies and thin as rail models, but my 3 steps to beautiful help me see that my beauty is unique to me. In living by these steps, I've learned to see myself as beautiful without comparing myself to others.


I loved your article! Thank you so much for shedding some positive light on summer time insecurities. It is hard to feel good about yourself when being surrounded by what the media tells us women should look like and anything less is imperfect.


Thanks so much! The media makes it so hard for us to realize that the body you were born with is beautiful. There is no need for these extreme diets, insane exercise programs or god forbid, plastic surgery! I just want everyone to know that!


like the article & the Yoga perspective is right on!


Thanks Edeneve



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