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What Rights?
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Many people bring up the idea of requesting a father's signature before a woman can get an abortion. These people do not think of the consequences of such actions. These measures are not only undue burdens, illegal under Roe v. Wade, but also horribly oppressive measures that would force women to give birth against their will.


You have brought up some very good points!


"What if a woman planned to carry the pregnancy to term, but then her husband died and she now decides she needs an abortion because of lack of financial means to support a child? Forcing a woman to become pregnant is a crime—why isn’t essentially forcing a woman to give birth?"

I agree! Likewise, theft is a crime, yet stealing money from another person or society is not as long as it is called child support or welfare? We kill three birds with one stone by getting rid of child support and welfare.


Great article.


Great and vaild points. Great article.



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