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Romney vs. Obama vs. Your Uterus
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You've considered your political candidates' views on taxes, deficit, and their four year plans. Have you considered their views on your reproductive rights? Here is the skinny!


Contributor: VanillaFreeSex

cutting off funding to planned parenthood would be devastating. ty for pointing out that the funding does not get spent on abortions. i have personally used planned parenthood as a teenager and as an adult for contraception, education, and health care. i hate to think of the impact of those services not being readily available. it is BECAUSE of planned parenthood that i have never had to face an unplanned pregnancy. education and contraception are the best way to avoid people having to face the possibility of making a choice on abortion. i also wonder what the impact would be on rape victims if they did not have such a place to go to for emotional and medical support. many women are more likely to go there than the ER.

Contributor: LoooveMonkey

Planned Parenthood is a very important program. People thank soldiers for fighting for their freedom, but no one thanks Planned Parenthood employees for helping people have the same thing. I love them for helping me get the contraceptive choice I needed. I feel like, in getting an IUD, I've taken charge of my life and I have more say in where it goes and my future. I think everyone should have that kind of help available to them.



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