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Forget “All Men Are Potential Rapists.” How about “Child Molesters?”

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Qantas, consistent with many airlines, has a standing policy to move any male passengers to prevent them sitting next to unaccompanied minors. But what message does this send?


Contributor: Petite Valentine

It's a stigmatizing policy that only gives the illusion of safety. If I had a child, I rather (s)he be seated next to someone qualified to help (nurse, doctor, teacher, EMT, etc), than next to some random female who for all I know drank a quart of whiskey and popped some pills before being dropped off at the airport because she hates to fly.

Virgin is reviewing their policy on this, I hope they realize how ineffectual it is and end it.

Contributor: Experiment

It's definitely discriminatory to men. Has anyone in the history of airplanes ever been molested on one? It's a cramped area with limited private space. If the attendants paid even minimal attention to a minor they would be able to detect any potentially predatory actions long before it turned into an issue. Seriously, who is dumb enough to try to molest someone on a plane?

Contributor: Rin (aka Nire)

Experiment, I wouldn't doubt that someone, somewhere, sometime, was molested on an airplane (after all, groping on crowded trains is a well-known issue in Japan and probably occurs elsewhere). However you are 100% correct in that doing so is insanely stupid and risky, and simply instating a policy that flight attendants must frequently check in on unaccompanied minors would likely be MUCH more effective than the very sexist policy that's currently in place.

Contributor: JackNit

Sounds sexist to me a woman could also be a child molester even though more times than not it is a man. They should just sit kids alone or move them to first class where it should be easier for the staff to keep a eye on them.

Contributor: Trysexual

Wow, never knew about this. If they are going to do it (and I disagree with the policy) they should do this before anyone boards the plane. I wouldn't want to sit next to a kid, so yeah, but I don't want to be labeled a child molester either, by being moved by a stewardess.

Like Experiment said, I've never heard of this happening on a plane. Kids are way overprotected today.

Contributor: A&M

This is completely sexist and it makes me sad to think that our society in all its wisdom and equality that we try to act like we focus so much on that it has gotten to a point that we don't see that it can go both ways.

That rant said let me move on to the important part. As it has been stated it should have been dealt with before boarding, but it wasn't so in that case it needs to be down in a manner that would not draw attention to the person being moved but that is not a situation that can always be done. Maybe upgrade that person to first class to get him out of the way even though he is likely not an issue in the first place. Of course the replacing him with a female is a pretty big sign that something is going on.

Personally I think the policy needs to be dropped. I remember flying with out my parents as a kid and back then what they did was have an airline staff see you off the plane and to your next flight or to the security area where you would pass through to meet up with who was picking you up. This insured that some crazy male or female child molester didn't follow you off the plane and try something then when you are actually at risk.



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