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Naughty Teacher Nixed Over Pornographic Past Will Not Be Allowed To Teach Anymore

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A 32 year old female teacher was fired for performing in porn, during a lull in her career and due to financial hardship. Learn more about the ordeal here.

  Public Opinion on the Matter

Should a woman who did what was necessary to provide for herself be publicly destroyed in this manner? Do you think she should have been rehired?

Is it fair in this day and age to hold to past (especially a past that didn't harm anyone) against someone and keep them from getting or keeping a job?

What are your thoughts on the matter? Could it have been handled better?

Perhaps she could have been given a job teaching sex-education to the kids (I know I would have paid more attention to a former porn-star than my 50 year old male coach that also taught science), or even offered a position as a speaker. She could talk to young girls in the district, explain to the them what working in porn is like and try to encourage them to pursue other careers.


Contributor: K101

I personally think the appropriate decision was made. A teacher is supposed to uphold a specific kind of standard and plain and simple, if you can't, you can't. Teaching is a very special career, not one that can be treated like most. I think it's unrealistic to think that an ex porn start might be the best role model for any student, especially in sex education -- unless she happens to be Shelly Lubben, speaking out AGAINST pornography.

Contributor: LovesNewThings

what i dont get is why does her past dictate whether or not she was a good teacher?
If this is the case of how the internet makes porn easily accessible, should any teacher who made a person sex tape or took photos (that have been posted on the internet) be fired from their position? Because there are plenty of teachers/public officals/etc who post regularly on amatuer sites.
Every one comes from different walks of life. I would rather have a teacher who has life experience teaching my children then someone who is so stuck in their ways they dont see anyone else's way of living as being right or acceptable.
This is a severe injustice in my opinion. I hope that she will be able to continue teaching and becomes a teacher the parents and students love, because of her teaching abilities, not ran out of town because she decided to do something years before she met them.

Contributor: Tibby

I really wish someone would dig into the judges past. Really everyone has something they are ashamed of. How dare they! How did this effect how she did job, unless se was showing her porn the class not at all.

Contributor: Jack M.
Jack M.  

This is stupid. If you're going to fire someone for doing porn, you'd have to fire everyone who's ever had sex. It's no different.

Contributor: MrWill

Valid points from everyone. I knew this particular topic would be somewhat controversial, but I felt that it needed to be brought to the community!

Contributor: AwesomeAmanda

The thing that gets me about this particular story is that she did it between teaching jobs. For me, its one thing to have it in your past, you were young, and all that but this was someone who knew she wanted to be a teacher, had been a teacher, and planned to be a teacher again. I cant say i would want my son's teacher to be someone who had recently done porn, or may do it again at any time.

Contributor: MrWill

Well AwesomeAmanda, think about this: How would you feel if you were fired because someone found out you review/use sex toys? I realize toys aren't as extreme as actually APPEARING in porn, but still.

Contributor: Lvstoplay

Personally I don't think it should matter what she did as long as it's not illegal. She starred in a few porn films as she needed money to survive as wasn't currently teaching (let's not even get into how little teachers in some districts make, especially substitute teachers). Last I checked being a porn star isn't illegal. It may not be the most upstanding/moral job to have, but it's not illegal either. As long as she's not telling her students about her brief career as a porn star, talking about the films she was in, or showing them the films, I fail to see how/why this should affect her teaching career. I honestly doubt that she will be hired anywhere as a teacher, however I think that just says something about how closed minded our society is.



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