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College Vending Machine Supplies Plan B

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A small school in Pennsylvania has stirred up a big controversy by allowing students access to the controversial Plan B contraceptive through a vending machine on campus.


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Contributor: Missmarc

$25 is very cheap for Plan B.

Contributor: AbbyLover

I think this is alsome all collages should have one

Contributor: Chefbriapink

I agree with colleges having it

Contributor: LoooveMonkey


Contributor: Dawnie

Freakin' awesoooome.

Contributor: Lvstoplay

$25 is very cheap for Plan B. I see no reason to think that providing it to students through a vending machine would deter those who have been raped from getting help, assuming they would've gotten the help if they needed to see a pharmacist for it. I don't know about you, but I don't generally discuss the reasons I want/need a medication with my pharmacist, I simply go in and ask for the medication I need. If a woman wants to see a doctor after being raped, it's likely not for pregnancy concerns, but for concerns due to any physical ramifications of the assault or the possibility of an STD or to obtain evidence that could be used in the court of law, none of which can be done at a pharmacy or through a vending machine so either way they'd still go to the ER/doctor's office/clinic. Having this medication in a vending machine available to students could be helpful for all those students who have a condom break, forget their birth control pills, or get to drunk to think about using a condom in the first place (not that I condone that, but it's a fact of life on college campuses).



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