Sex & Society » Politics, Safer sex, Women: "Administration Overrules Science on 'Plan B' Birth Control"

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Administration Overrules Science on 'Plan B' Birth Control

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FDA says it's safe for over the counter; HHS secretary says more study is needed.


Contributor: Lvstoplay

I agree that girls as young as 11 should have a doctor or parent approve their getting Plan B if they need it, especially since 11 year olds aren't legally allowed to have sex, but I see no reason that a teenager should have to have permission. You're allowed to make your own mental health decisions at 14, and depending on the state and difference in age of the people involved, 14-16 is the standard age of consent for sexual relations. Why should you have to be 17 to get Plan B without a RX, when you can legally have sex before that?