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The Condom Broke, Now What?….Plan B
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Plan B is the emergency contraceptive pill that can be taken up to 72 hours after unprotected sex or in the case of failed birth control such as the condom breaking. There is important information you need to know.



Thanks for sharing this article with us, great info here!


great information here!!! Glad to see another health care person writing articles and providing much needed facts!! Thanks!!o


awesome informatio!


Plan B made me lose my mind! I guess it's better than the alternative.


Oh my gosh, seriously? I could have saved a whole $10? D: Dammit.


Plan B is a great thing to have on hand. My Dr. once told me that any woman of child baring age that is sexually active should always keep it on hand just in case as the sooner you take it the better. Condoms do break and should that happen it is best that you are prepared rather than running around trying to find it.



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