Society » Culture, Politics: "United Airlines “loses” unaccompanied minor on connecting flight. Doesn’t care."

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United Airlines “loses” unaccompanied minor on connecting flight. Doesn’t care.

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On Monday we wrote about how many airlines have a sexist policy of moving male passengers to prevent them sitting next to unaccompanied minors – something a Sydney law professor argues “effectively places all men in the category of potential offender.”

But it gets worse.


This has more to do with United's corporate culture than discriminatory policies. Just read a response from one of their own pilots. Also, most airlines in the US do not have a policy of making men seated next to unaccompanied minors move their seat. So far that seems to be mostly airlines out of the United Kingdom and Australia (British Airways, Qantas, Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia), and British Airways has since revised the policy after a German businessman sued the airline for sex discrimination and won.


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Here's a link to the United Pilot's response to the lost 10-year-old: []


I agree the airline dropped the ball (and lost the kid) here. That is unforgivable.

However, what kind of parent puts a TEN year old child on a plane THAT REQUIRES A CONNECTING FLIGHT (or on any plane at all) without an adult to attend her?

The actions of some parents (being a parent of 3 myself) makes me bang my head on the floor sometimes. Yes, the airline screwed up, but they also are not day care workers. Yes, the child should have been allowed to call her parents, BUT didn't the parents have a back up plan? Say, BUY THE KID A CELL PHONE? We got our then 11 year old a cell phone when I went back to work out of the home. WHO would put a child this age ALONE on a plane with no way to communicate with her parents or anyone else?

Both the airlines and the parents are to blame here. I hope the therapy this kid is going to need for her abandonment issues was worth the two weeks "vacation" her parents got by sending her to a camp more than halfway across the country. Really. Who DOES things like this to their kids? My kid has to check in via her own cell phone if she and her friends walk to the Target.


I can't imagine putting my children on a plane unattended. With an older and responsible sibling, maybe, but NOT alone. This is too scary. I can't imagine what went through that child's mind when she couldn't get to the next plane and no one would help. I wonder if this is the same story I heard on the news this morning in which the airline said they hired and outside company (?!!!) to escort the child from gate to gate, but didn't show up.


S&P, I heard on local Chicago news that supposedly, the airline hired an outside company to get the child to her connecting flight, but they never showed up. *sheesh*



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