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Gays Can Breathe Easy - Porn is the New Threat to Marriage

Gays Can Breathe Easy - Porn is the New Threat to Marriage
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Patrick Trueman, President of Morality in Media, claims that watching porn can re-map the brain of young males, causing them to be sexually dysfunctional later in life. And he aims to prevent that. What's worse? He's got the GOP on his side.



Why does ONE person in the new "Moral Majority" get to determine what "normal sex" is?

I don't even know what they mean by that. I can imagine; a woman (as "normal sex" is probably only sex with a man and a woman) lying on her back, and a man lying on top. Two minutes of thrusting, internal ejaculation and.... you're done!

I LOVE that Romney has accepted money from Friend Finder!

Does this Trueman have proof for her "brain mapping" stuff? My guess is either not, or a completely different study was hijacked to serve the purposes of the Far Right GOP. gag


I just looked up several news articles about this. In none of them does this Mr. Trueman quote a source for his "information" about brain mapping. That said, from what I've learned of brain development, I could see porn having an effect on one's brain structure if one watched a lot of it at a young age--say, from 2 - 15 years old--but if one's parents are doing their jobs at all, a child 15 or younger shouldn't have the time or ability to access enough porn to actually affect his/her brain structure.



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Is porn a threat to marriage? The GOP thinks so... [30] Apr.16, 2013

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