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SexIs Subjective: Equal Rights?
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Normally when you see the words "equal rights" you think of race and sexual equality; but there is another topic on my mind at the moment, one that's hard to address without offending at least a few people - Do men have the right to decide whether or not the person they impregnated gets an abortion?


Contributor: Beck

You are right. There are too many what ifs. While it might seem like it's fair for the male to have some right. It's the women's body. The unborn baby is still viewed as being a part of her. Therefore, I believe the decision is best left up to the women alone. Dragging in another persons opinion about what a women should do with her body is not a good idea at all. Great article.

Contributor: PropertyOfPotter

Thanks for taking the time to read and share your feelings! I really appreciate it!

Contributor: SneakersAndPearls

You're right. Maybe the father should have some sort of say, but where do those rights start? Where do they end? What about when one of several men could be the father? I believe that the father should be able to have a say, but finding where those rights begin and end is a fuzzy business.

Contributor: PropertyOfPotter

Exactly my point SneakersAndPearls! I appreciate you reading and commenting!



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