Sexual Health » Body & Body Image: "Hello Beach, Goodbye Insecurities?"

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Hello Beach, Goodbye Insecurities?

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After hibernating through the long winter months, Spring has finally arrived! Some of the first signs of Spring are the days growing longer, flowers and trees budding and blooming, and the gyms flooding with its members getting their 'beach bodies' ready.


Contributor: MrWill

I cannot express enough how awesome it is to see an article like this! Great job!

Contributor: sunnyc

Great article! I have felt that same way myself. After having 4 kids I was always concerned how I looked and what people thought. Then I realized the people I love the most love me the way I am.

Contributor: Ayumi

Absolutely fantastic article. I really want to show this to my best friend. She is someone I would consider to have the perfect body but year after year she picks it apart due to cellulite or knobbly knees, or some feature that I think is a distortion of her beauty, both inside and out. I feel like I have kind of given up on challenging her at those time, but still never forget to remind her how beautiful she is.



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