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Sliding Backwards

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How have we slipped so far so fast, with perhaps more backsliding to come? On the face of it, that doesn't make sense, even with so many cranky and fascist old white guys in leadership positions in the local, state and federal government despite men being only half the population.

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Contributor: Teacookie

Woman seem to be consider more of an sexual object then ever before. While freedom and personal rights is a wonderful thing, it has been down graded by how many woman use our hard won equalality. By dressing like sex toys they are being treated like sex toys. In fact many are under the false impression........ okay not so false impression that their vaule is dependant on their looks and their man. Sexual advertisment and events have gotten out of control. My main issue with this trend is how many young ladies no longer care about being educated or self sufficant.

Contributor: Give-it-a-rest

Liberals, like the one writing this, continue to hid behind women's rights and talk out of both sides of their mouths. You talk about losing control of your rights but in essence you don't take ownership of them either. If you want contraceptives and abortion on demand then you need to pay for it and not rely on the middle class to susidize your lifestyle. Planned Parenthood provides services which are no more than contraceptive welfare so tell me how is that taking control of a situation? What you want is free reign to do whatever your lifestyle dictates and expect someone else to take responsibilityfor the financial consequences. That's socialism, not feminism.

Contributor: Smokedawg


Planned Parenthood's funding is overwhelmingly by contributions and private grants...NOT government funding, so you already lose your credibility.

Planned Parenthood is also a major source of women's preventive healthcare and screening. I know, because my wife uses them for her checkups often due to their affordability, not being able to afford health insurance or doctor's offices all the time.

Incidentally, I am part of the middle are many, many of the women who use Planned Parenthood.

Get your facts straight instead of out of the Fox News pundit handbook



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