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Our Path to a Plethora of Porn

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Porn has been with us a long time. Not as long as sex and masturbation, of course, because humans discovered that long before they got the hang of cave art. But once they started finding cozy homes in caves and stuff to draw with, we got our first collections of pornos and/or sex education manuals.


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Contributor: K101

Say this to the women who are forced into it.

Contributor: Smokedawg

For what it's worth, and this will probably be no consolation to you or make you like my column any more, I'm very picky about my porn and gravitate toward that which is controlled and produced by the woman herself.

Are some (in fact, many) people forced into porn, directly or by life's circumstances? Yes?

That isn't something I condone. But at the same time, many of the things in our life, from food to clothing to children's toys to energy and more...well, there are people adult and and woman...forced into horrible work/low pay/abusive circumstances from which we benefit in places like the United States. Demonizing an entire industry and assuming that all or even most in it are victims would be insulting to the many sex positive women (and men) I know who are quite happy to be in various industries catering to sex and arousal.

There have been studies that women in porn have more self-esteem (granted, this depends on who and where they are). Women themselves are increasingly viewing, enjoying and producing porn.

Where the most vicitimization occurs is in prostitution, and I have never partaken of that part of the sex industry. Men and women in porn are far less likely to be doing what they do with random, unknown and dangerous people in uncontrolled settings.

Contributor: spiced

I agree that porn prohibition would be an extraordinarily stupid thing to try to do.

I also love that there are cave paintings that show oral sex! Rock on, Cro Magnons!



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