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Abortion. Rights of the Father?
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Being pregnant is already a difficult thing. However in life, nothing is simple and abortion is possible. Abortion complicates things enough in itself, but the right to choose exacerbates debates and blurs lines. What about the rights of the father? I posit that his rights only extend so far, but as usual the answer is not entirely clean cut as the one I suggest.


Contributor: Hummingbird

As a woman who so many years ago made the decision against pro-life I have to agree that the many months/weeks that a woman carries a child must be paramount to the decision, her final decision to carry or abort. I was young, lived a carefree life and even with birth control had conceived. I could not bear to carry a child to full term even to give it up to adoption, to let go a life I had created. Another complication that had arose was that I had a medical condition, Epilepsy which I could not even accept at the time. To possibly bring a child into being with what I suffered then and am hopefully outgrowing now was unimaginable at the time. The father thankfully, at the time did not put up a fuss and left the decision to me since he was not ready to be responsible for that life or a full time relationship. One other thing I want to add, this was not a high school "accidental" pregnancy but one in which I was in my mid twenties. I was fully aware of what the consequences would be should it ever happen and while I always believed to that point that life, all life was sacred. The thought of further suffering, possibly worse then what I did with my medical condition was my deciding factor in the end, one that I am glad of today.

Contributor: KissTheSkyBaby

This is one of those topics that is bound to bring controversy however all of your points are valid and in many way's mirror my own personal thought. Their are so many different factors that must be taken into consideration. As you touched on, a father in one situation may not compare to the father of another. So should they have the same rights? Should a young teenage father who wants to do the right thing and raise his child is be treated equally with a rapist who had no interest in the well being of the mother (and more then a likely any thought of future child) at the point of conception.

Contributor: Ayumi

Hummingbird, thank you for sharing your experience and comments. It is certainly true that there is a lot to think of and every individual experience is different.
KissTheSkyBaby, I had not even considered the teenage father who wants to do the right thing. Taking that one step further, even if he wants to do the right thing, does he have the means and support to do so? Further food for thought. What about children who are brought into the world with the best of intentions, but the family knows they cannot provide?



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