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Sexy Christmas Presents...

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Let’s not ever use those words in combination again.


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Contributor: True Pleasures

Although these gifts would NOT make my holiday merry and bright, the giggles I got out of this list sure did! lol You find the oddest things!

Contributor: toxie m
toxie m  

Baha! Pure hilarity.

Contributor: suburp

omg! this is a glorious list!
(can't understand you don't get as much comments here as on the other blog, only just discovered you through babble, keep it up !)

Contributor: photojunkiejacinda

What's disconcerting is that I'm pretty sure the snowman riding crop is out of stock because they were vastly popular. Two things: why use a Frosty the Smutmaster riding crop when a simply leather strip will do, and think twice about making snowmen with the kiddies this year, guys. If those things come to life we're screwed.

Contributor: PussyGalore

OH man, the things people think of these days!

Contributor: iwantyouwantingme

I think I should get the boob ornament for my dad. The man has everything, that is something he does not have and hell lets be honest I am totally curious to see what his reaction will be. AND I will insist they hang it on the tree every year. hell maybe I will get sets and send them to all my family members!

Contributor: TheHardOne

I would love some of the ornaments as gag gifts this season.

Contributor: Tripod95

Wow that was really interesting



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