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The Bloggess takes on Cosmo. Everyone loses.

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Sometimes when I can’t think of a good topic to write about for my sex column I just turn to Cosmo, the holy grail of sex talk. I choose a headline at random and I try to write the article based on my personal knowledge without peeking at the answers.



...I am so using this the next time I need to throw the fear of God into the kids at work.


Junk fires: the leading cause of erectile dysfunction.


Haha, really liked this piece.

Virginia Solita Correa-ojeda  

Testicular swelling is no laughing matter. Well, it is, but its a serious medical issue. A funny medical issue. But a serious one. Seriously, funny.


omg I laughed so hard it hurt!!! excellent post haha


You didn't mention babies with pins in their eyes. That's scary too... right? I mean, on a first date and all. OK, it's not as scary as drowning in clowns or having your clothes catch fire while you're still wearing them... but still, pretty damn scary.

Great post by the way. I loved it!


I laughed during this entire post! They failed to mention tar, imagine being tarred by the woman you thought was going to just mount you..pure evil! lol


Both my guys admit that this list is the one reason they love polyamory and leaving the "dating" scene...especially the Sweet Hell Biscuits thing...


i love this post!!!


This just made my night.


I have a feeling Cosmo can't even touch you... even with a 9 inch clown. So... here is my idea: I know your husband hates clowns, I know you like to decorate dildos. So, with that being said I say you make a clown dildo, get all hot in bed, suggest using a toy and whip out the clown dildo!... no?


LOL. Brilliant!




LOL..You are such an amazing blogger..Im still laughing...



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