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Things That Make People Feel Sexy

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This month the writers of SexIs are focusing on the things that make people feel ready for sex. I decided to just focus on the difference between men and women using a purely stereotypical but strangely realistic algorithm ... made up entirely by me.

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Being in a committed ____ relationship filled with mutual trust and love.

I'm not so sure that a good committed relationship build upon trust and love must be monogamous. The monogamous (or polyamorous) decision must be made between the two participants of the relationship, hopefully they're on the same page.


Men in utilikilts! (but I'm sort of odd that way)


Sheila, you are not odd. Utilikilts (kilts in general) are downright sexy by definition.


Good music.


I wish someone would reintroduce my husband to that light breeze... sigh!!


I laughed so, so hard!


lol TheWendy.... blow really really hard next time, perhaps light breeze isnt his style.


Smiling hugely! The best one for me is the "being kissed on the neck in this really specific way that I cannot explain and I dont understand why you can't get it" !! That is me TOTALLY ~ thank you for putting it into words so well Bloggess!


Very cute! Thanks.



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