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Buyers Guide: Be Playful! Express Your Love with Toys!

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How do you express your love? Do you buy your lover something cute you know they’ll enjoy? Maybe you take them out on a date and come prepared? Perhaps you express your love by taking care of the environment? Whatever the form of expression you use, we’ve got something for you.

  Geeky or girly? Have some of both!

Tentacle, Tentacle Jr., Icicles No. 12, Fleshlight Alien, Hello Kitty

We know we’ve got some sci-fi fans out there. And where there are women, there are Hello Kitty fanatics. But besides that, who can resist a sex toy that takes them back to their childhood – or to the movies? We know we can’t!

Looking for a way to spice up your love life while also catering to your inner geek? We’ve got a toy (or three) for that. We’re sure you’ve heard of the Tentacle. It’s made of silicone, curved drastically, and has suction cups on one side to resemble, say, an octopus arm, or an alien tentacle. But sometimes you don’t want all that texture. In that case, you’ll love Tentacle Jr., who’s a little smaller, a little smoother, and has just a little bit less curve.

Got a thing for the Na’vi ladies? You gotta get your hands on the Fleshlight Alien. This pussy’s made of electric blue superskin. The sleeve has three different textures: “a couple inches of a Vortex canal followed by the ridge in the middle of the Lotus texture and finishing off with the intense STU texture.” says Jimbo Jones. “If an alien race came to earth with pussies like this, most guys would be saying ‘take me to your leader’ before they knew what was good for them.”

Maybe you’re looking for something a little more romantic? How about a rose that will last forever? Icicles No. 12 is a beautifully crafted rose-shaped dildo with a pink head and clear, bulbed stem. It’s body safe and disinfectable, and it’s amazing for temperature play.

We can remember girls spending hours in the Sanrio Surprise store at the local mall, squealing about Hello Kitty and her friends, while the boys rolled their eyes and took off for the video game store or the arcade. Who could have imagined that instead of lighting up and spinning in circles, Hello Kitty would one day be buzzing away happily on the lady bits of so many women? Apparently, Sanrio themselves.

  It’s hip to be green.

Bloom, Organics Natural, Cobra Libre, G4 Paul & Paulina

We’ve got some really spectacular eco-friendly toys, from rechargeable vibrators to organic lubes. But don't take our word for it. Here’s some of what our community members had to say:

Bloom is a 100% silicone vibrator with multiple speed settings, sure to please a wide range of users. With a unique organic-looking design and equally natural packaging, this is an excellent toy to “get back to nature” with! Great craftsmanship and an interesting shape prove that you can have beauty and strength at the same time!

I’ve spent a lifetime suffering from problems caused by lube. Before Eden, I didn’t know I had other options. I didn’t even know what ingredients were causing the irritation. Turns out, both glycerin and parabens were a problem for me. After trying a few different Sliquid lubes, Organics Natural has become a fast favorite. It has just the right amount of glide to feel natural. It never feels sticky or greasy and absorbs nicely into skin. This has been a miracle in a bottle for me.

The Cobra Libre is one amazing masturbation toy that definitely changes the whole game when it comes to this kind of device. If you are looking for something new that you can really just sit back and enjoy the ride with, this is it. On the lower setting you could probably extend your sessions as long as you wanted them to be. On the high settings, the sensations are unlike anything out there for men!

The G4 Paul & Paulina is a good dual-stimulating vibrator that is versatile and powerful. It fit my anatomy, hitting both my g-spot and my clitoris. Even though there wasn't a motor in the clitoral arm, the vibrations were transmitted through adequately, and I was able to enjoy myself with it. It’s very quiet, so households needing privacy will enjoy it.

  Love us safely.

Game On Sex Tools, Latex Dental Dam, LifeStyles Skyn, Reality Female Condoms

There’s not much more important when it comes to sex than being responsible about it. Sure, intimacy’s awesome. Knowing what you like increases your pleasure. Themed toys and low battery bills brighten your day. But when all’s said and done, being safe and responsible may save your life, some day. So, in honor of Sexual Health Awareness Month (this month), let us give you a short guided tour around safety.

Game On Sex Tools gives a man some tools to make him confident in his attractiveness and performance, while also enhancing the safety factor. The kit includes Cock Cologne for the fella who’s self-conscious about his scent, a pheromone bracelet to attract the ladies (or just you, as the case may be), an herbal supplement to enhance performance, lube to decrease friction and increase the integrity of the condom, and, of course, a condom. Toss this kit in the car or a backpack and you're on your way.

Oral sex on the menu? How about a bit of rimming? Be sure to pick up a Latex Dental Dam or two. Dental dams are very thin for maximum stimulation, while providing a protective barrier between you and your partner. This one’s just $1.99, and it’s flavored! It is, however, made of latex, so those with an allergy should try something else.

Speaking of latex allergies, if you’ve got one, LifeStyles Skyn condoms are the ones for you. They’re made of polyisoprene, which has the added benefit of being stronger than latex. The texture is softer than latex, and they’re super thin for more stimulation. Everybody wins!

You say your fella doesn’t like to wear condoms? That’s okay. We’ve got something for that too! Give the Reality Female Condoms a try. Made of Polyurethane, these female condoms are safe for even those with latex allergies. It has a soft ring at each end for ease of insertion, and lines the vaginal walls to keep both partners safe. Not sure how to insert it? Don’t worry! These condoms come three to a pack and include instructions.

  Here comes Peter Cottontail...

Love Bunny Vibe, Crystal Egg, Tenga Egg Masturbator, Virtual Bunny

How was your Easter? Did the bunny come to visit? Can we make some suggestions to make your next Easter Egg Hunt a little more … adult? You know we can!

The Love Bunny Vibe has got to be one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen. An unmistakable rabbit shape with no face to speak of, you could leave this silicone-sleeved bullet vibe on your desk and your roommate would be none the wiser. Until she noticed the “tail” has an on/off switch.

The Crystal Egg, by Nectar Products, is an eggcellent way to exercise your kegels. It’s made of semi-precious stone, and has a plastic string for extraction. It comes with directions and suggestions for exercises. And it’s definitely worth mentioning again. Semi. Precious. Stone.

Looking for something for him? Try out a Tenga Egg Masturbator! You just pop open the plastic outer shell, fill the inner silicone sleeve with the lube it comes with and slip it over your penis. Reviewers say this toy greatly decreases the length of a handjob and it’s easy to clean. Bonus!

Made of Cyberskin, this little buddy will wrap his way around your heartstrings as well as your cock. He’s the Virtual Bunny from Cal Exotics, and he’s made for him and her. With a tiny bullet resting beneath a short pair of bunny ears, you’ll be buzzing against her clitoris with every thrust.