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I'm Going to Look Past The Eyes

The G4 Paul & Paulina is a good dual-stimulating vibrator that is versatile and powerful. It fit my anatomy, hitting both my g-spot and my clitoris. Even though there wasn't a motor in the clitoral arm, the vibrations were transmitted through adequately, and I was able to enjoy myself with it. The click and charge system is a pain to align, making it difficult to charge. It's very quiet, so households needing privacy will enjoy it.
Nice vibrations throughout the whole toy, alternative use as a lint brush, hit my g spot.
The eyes were watching me use it so I had performance anxiety, there's no motor in the clitoral arm.
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The G4 Paul & Paulina is a dual-stimulation vibrator by Fun Factory. The G4 is their new and improved waterproof, rechargeable version of their classic Paul & Paulina. Paul/Paulina, as I'll refer to it, is a silicone/plastic toy that can be used for vaginal/clitoral stimulation, vaginal/perineum stimulation or anal stimulation. Because it can be used vaginally or anally, this toy can be used by men or women.

Material / Texture

Paul/Paulina is a hybrid silicone/plastic toy. The shaft and clitoral stimulator are made of silicone, while the handle is made of plastic. Because it isn't pure silicone it cannot be truly sterilized, but the portions of the toy that would be used internally can be cleaned thoroughly. The silicone is tasteless and odorless, and has a slightly velvety texture, which creates drag and causes it to require more lubricant during use.

Design / Shape / Size

Paul and Paulina is two characters (they look like caterpillars, to me) that are joined at the base. Because they are character based, they have tiny little eyes. Yes, Paul can watch you from the inside out, as Paulina watches you stimulate yourself externally, but don't worry: you won't feel the eyes (unless you 'feel' them watching you). Paul is the shaft portion of the toy, and has a 5" circumference, at its widest point, with an insertable length of 6.5", while Paulina is the clitoral attachment. In terms of shape, Paul/Paulina is similar to the shape of your hand; Paul being your palm and four fingers, and Paulina angled out much like your thumb is.

Paul has ribs along the entire shaft, which I didn't find to be problematic, painful or distracting during use. Paulina has the same ribs, but I didn't feel them in the slightest during use. It's a bit girthy at the bottom of the shaft for a beginner, but with patience, I almost all users will be able to take this comfortably.

Paul/Paulina is a rechargeable toy: no more AA batteries required! This uses the click and charge system to charge it, which I found really troublesome. Every time I aligned the charge base on the Fun Factory logo on the handle, I'd move the toy a fraction of a millimeter and the light showing it was charging would go out. Aligning it so that it charges without coming off the handle was a big struggle.

Functions / Performance / Controls

Paul/Paulina is controlled by three buttons on the handle of the toy, which is loop shaped and hollow for... easy use? I didn't find it particularly helpful to have it be a loop, as it's too small for me to put two of my fat fingers through, and I don't have enough control with one finger holding it, so I usually just grasp it. I guess loop shaped handles are just the new Big Thing in luxury vibrators.

The three buttons control the vibration and patterns: + increases the vibrations, - decreases them (and turns the toy off) and the * button changes the vibrational patterns. The five vibrational patterns include a steady vibration, a quick pulse, a slower pulse, a revving kind of vibration, and a slower rev. It has six speeds/intensities of vibrations, from very mild to a fairly moderate intensity. The controls are easy to change in-use, and only require one hand. PLUS, the buttons light up once you push them, so if you're in the dark and want a little clarity, you've got it.

The toy is not very loud, even on its most intense setting, and cannot be heard over music or a television. It's also waterproof and performed well in both the bathtub and the shower.

Paul/Paulina worked very well, which surprised me as I usually have such horrific failure with rabbit toys. Maybe I'm not a lost cause? The arm was in the perfect spot for me to work clitorally, and the g-spot attachment did a good job at hitting my g-spot.

Unfortunately... there is no motor in the clitoral attachment; the vibrations are located only in the shaft. Although the vibrations travel through to the clitoral arm, it would have been much more effective if there'd been a motor in the clitoral arm, too. Although the vibrations of the shaft are a 4, from bottom to top, the clitoral arm attachment vibrations are less intense, at a low 3.

Because of Paulina's angled 'arm', this toy is safe to use anally without fear of internal loss or problems. Although I did not try Paul/Paulina anally, I would assume that, on men, the clitoral arm would stimulate the testicles nicely, and for some women, the clitoral arm could be used clitorally as well.

The vibrations lasted a decent amount of time, about an hour and a half on high intensity.

Care and Maintenance

This toy is really easy to clean, especially so since it's waterproof. You can do daily maintenance cleaning on Paul/Paulina with antibacterial soap and water: and you'll have to, since the silicone of Paul/Paulina means it's a lint magnet and will need cleaning both before and after every use, unless you keep it in a vacuum bubble. To sterilize Paul/Paulina (which you should do if sharing with a partner or using anally and vaginally) you can use a 10% bleach solution. DO NOT BOIL PAUL/PAULINA. DO NOT DISHWASH PAUL/PAULINA. Like all toys that have mechanical parts, it can be ruined in the dishwasher and by boiling.

As the shaft is silicone, you should not use silicone lubricants with it: water or oil-based lubricants are compatible. If you do choose to use a silicone lube, then you should do a spot test before slathering it on and possibly destroying your toy.

Personal comments

I've given it a 4/5 because of the lack of power in the clitoral arm. In total, the vibrations are a 3.5, with the internal vibrations being a low 4 and the clitoral vibrations being a low 3 when diffused, so I erred on the lower side.

Also, if you're reading this on the product's main page and want to ask a question or leave a comment, please click here to go to the review.
Follow-up commentary
Because this one only has one motor, it's not powerful enough for daily use. It's fine, for when I'm already sensitive, but most of the time it doesn't offer enough power. It's made its way to the bottom of my toy drawer. I'm sure I'll wind up giving it away to someone who can use it and appreciate it more than I do.
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