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love yourself! (so you can love others!)
Our colourful and cheerful dispensers of pleasure express our love of life, good fun and confidence. Products for women, men or couples - for all who love their bodies and don't want to keep passion under wraps and especially for those who love to experiment!

We have proven time and again with our products that erotic toys can be tasteful, full of playful zest, and always meet the highest quality standards.

Our products break down barriers with their appealing aesthetics and design and make it easier for anyone to reach out to erotic toys regardless of gender or age.

A sophisticated design fine-tuned to perfection and a harmonious appearance, combined with convincing functionality all work together to make FUN FACTORY products truly unique toys.

love yourself - because only those who love themselves, can give good loving!
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News and announcements

  • Fun Factory's innovative Stronic Eins is making waves!

    The breakthrough in pleasure starts here. The all new Stronic Eins is a one-of-a-kind pulsator, and this innovative toy is making waves. Literally.

    Stronic Eins's clever motor features a free-moving metal weight, which produces a naturalistic thrusting action. Easy to use controls cycle through 10 breath-taking rhythms, and the plush silicone body stimulates the g-spot. You have to feel to to believe it!

    See what all of the fuss is about, and pick up the Fun Factory Stronic Eins at EdenFantasys!
  • Check out also our amazing new Click and Charge vibrator line, such as our Flash BiMiNi!

    The just-in BiMiNi »FLASH« offers a seductive new feature: it is our first miniVIBE with two pleasure tips and the innovative magnetic re-charger CLICK ‘N’ CHARGE.
    Even though it is so small and handy, it massages you to new heights of pleasure like a big vibrator, both vaginally and on the clitoris. The BiMiNi’s eye-catching silhouette adds that special touch.

    delightful line relief delivers surprising vibrations
    100 % waterproof
    enchants with its linear design and stylized bud shape
    multiple stimulation: external stimulation (clitoris) and insert function (vaginal) are combined
    easy to use
    suitable for experts and beginners
    Important note
    Please ensure that the toy is fully charged before using it for the first time! Charging can take up to 12 hours!
  • Cobra Libre (most probably available in july 2010)

    Fun Factory to Release Click ‘N’ Charge ‘Cobra Libre’ Masturbator

    Burbank, CA — Fun Factory is preparing to launch the Cobra, a toy for men that features two motors that deliver pulsing vibrations, modeled after the Cobra Libre, a British racecar.

    The device, which features a silicone inner lining, delivers right-on stimulation with a variety of vibration settings by sweeping a finger over the light-up Slide touch pad.

    The Cobra Libre also feature overlapping effects, which occur when both motors run at approximately at the same revolutions. The overlapping carries over into the vibrations creating a rhythmic pulsing.
    Its “paintwork” comes in white-black, white-dark blue, black-black and black-red.

    With the Fun Magnetic Plug, its Click ‘N’ Charge technology makes it environmentally friendly.
    Available with country-appropriate plugs, the Fun Magnetic Plug recharges the entire line of Click ‘N’ Charge items, which include lithium-polymer batteries.

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