Glass dildos

Dildos made from natural materials are astonishingly beautiful, resembling works of fine art. Their smoothness and firmness make them the perfect tool for creating erotic momentum that builds to bursting climaxes. Made from safe, sturdy borosilicate glass, these probes won't crack or splinter.

Glass dildos come in a phenomenal array of shapes and textures designed for both vaginal and anal play, opening up a world of G and P-spot stimulation - not to mention many of them are double-sided, meaning you get two exciting textures in one toy.

Glass dildos hold temperature superbly well. When placed in water, they warm up and cool down easily, paving the way for super sensual and ecstatic temperature play. You also can put their rigidness to good use - nothing works for a squirting orgasm better than a super hard glass dildo with a G spot curve. Learn more in our guide to glass dildos and other glass toys.


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These are not stalactites or stalagmites, but you are in a cave of wonders, all right. Welcome to the glass dildo EdenFantasys’ collection! Here, elegance meets pleasure so carnal you’d think glass would break - but it never will.

Whether you’re a seasoned explorer of adult toys or just beginning your journey, glass dildos might be your best choice. They offer a unique and exciting experience that’s both visually stunning and sensationally satisfying. They are silent - duh - and discreet and beautiful enough so that you can display them as work of arts around your home. They are are unmissable, hardcore, gentle, exquisite - they are glass dildos.

What is a Glass Dildo?

A glass dildo is made from high-quality borosilicate glass, known for its durability and safety. This type of glass is the same material used in making robust kitchenware like Pyrex, so you can be sure your toy will never crack or splinter. Glass dildos are celebrated for their smooth, firm texture and their ability to hold temperature, providing a versatile and thrilling experience.

Why Glass Dildos Are Awesome

Glass dildos are not only visually appealing but also offer a range of benefits that enhance your intimate moments:

Smooth and Firm

The rigidity of glass provides intense stimulation, allowing for precise and controlled movements that can target your body’s sweetest spots. That’s glass dildos make the best G-spot toys, and they exceed at giving squirting orgasms, too.

Temperature Play

Glass holds temperature exceptionally well, meaning you can heat it up or cool it down to add a new dimension to your play - that’s called temperature play, and it’s a completely exhilarating way to make your body tingle with pleasure.

Hygienic and Safe

Glass is non-porous, making it easy to clean and sterilize. This ensures that your toy remains hygienic and safe for repeated use.

Variety of Designs

Glass dildos come in an array of shapes, sizes, and textures - some are realistic, some are deliciously monstrous, some even feature two texture patterns or shapes on different ends so you can enjoy more than one fantasy.


Made from borosilicate glass, these dildos are built to last. They’re incredibly sturdy and resistant to breakage, giving you peace of mind during use.

Inspiration For Your Glass Dildo Play

Temperature Play With Glass Dildos

One of the most exciting aspects of glass dildos is their ability to retain temperature.

  1. Warm It Up. To heat your glass dildo, simply submerge it in warm water for a few minutes. Always test the temperature on your wrist before use to ensure it’s not too hot. Warmth can enhance blood flow and sensitivity, making your intimate moments even more pleasurable.
  2. Cool It Down. For a chill effect, place your glass dildo in cold water or the refrigerator (never the freezer) for a short time. The coolness can provide a refreshing and stimulating experience, making your whole body come to life.

G-Spot Play

Glass dildos and G-spot stimulation are a match made in sex toy heaven, because to their firmness and precision.

  1. Curved Design And Hard Shafts. Many glass dildos feature a curved shaft that’s ideal for targeting and massaging the G-spot. Apply pressure - with the delicious hardness of the shaft, it’s easy - and use slow, deliberate movements to stimulate yourself until you barely hold it together.
  2. Experimental Angles And Textures. Try different angles and positions to find what feels best. The rigidity of glass allows you to maintain consistent pressure, making it easier to achieve intense G-spot orgasms.


Achieving a squirting orgasm is often easier with a glass dildo because of its firm, unyielding body.

  1. Targeted Stimulation. Use the curved end of your glass dildo to apply steady pressure to the G-spot. Consistent, firm strokes are key to achieving the elusive squirting orgasm.
  2. Rhythmic Movements. Keep a steady rhythm and don’t be afraid to experiment with different speeds and pressures. The rigidity of the glass provides the perfect tool for this type of focused stimulation.

Choosing the Right Glass Dildo

When selecting a glass dildo, consider the following factors to ensure you get the perfect toy for your needs:

  • Shape and Texture: Choose a shape that appeals to you. Smooth designs are great for beginners, while ribbed or beaded dildos offer more intense sensations.
  • Size: Start with a size that you’re comfortable with. Glass dildos come in various lengths and girths, so there’s something for everyone. Fun fact: with a big and transparent dildo you can see inside you pleasure, which might be a fantastically arousing experience for some.
  • Stunning Design: Some glass dildos are double-ended, providing two different textures or shapes in one toy. This adds versatility to your playtime. But the real star is not the functional design but the pure beauty of glass dildos - arguably the most visually stunning sex toys of all.

How to Take Care Of Your Glass Dildo

Proper care ensures your glass dildo remains safe and enjoyable for years to come - literally, your glass toys will outlive every other sex toy in your toy box.

  • Shape and Texture: Choose a shape that appeals to you. Smooth designs are great for beginners, while ribbed or beaded dildos offer more intense sensations.
  • Cleaning: Clean your glass dildo with warm water and mild soap before and after each use. You can also use a specialized toy cleaner or boil it for extra sanitation.
  • Storage: Store your glass dildo in a padded case or wrap it in a soft cloth to protect it from scratches or accidental drops.