Rose vibrators

Rose vibrator has enchanted us all, presenting a stunning look and faultless clit sucking stimulation. Caressing your petals with its petals, the rose vibrator shows no mercy and delivers an orgasm 11 out of 10 times - the universal love for this clit sucker is well-deserved.

The classic rose vibrator is a clit sucking vibrator - a strong vacuum sucker worships her clit at multiple speeds, with a soft caress from silicone petals. There are, however, many exciting options of a rose vibrator. Some feature a clit pump, there is a rose tongue vibrator, and dual action rose vibrator.

Many vibrators feature a rose design inspired by the rose vibrator's sweeping popularity. They are all united by two things - a stunning and rather discreet appearance and an unfaltering ability to make you see stars of pleasure. Explore and learn how to use the rose vibrator with EdenFantasys’ big guide.


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Is it a garden? Yes, it is - it is the EdenFantasys rose vibrator collection. Rose vibrators are all petals, sophistication, and indulgence. Designed to ignite your senses and awaken your desires, these exquisite toys offer unique and unforgettable sensations. Discover all the rose vibrator species in the EdenFantasys pleasure garden.

What is a Rose Vibrator?

A rose vibrator is a beautifully crafted clit vibrator inspired by the delicate beauty of a rose, sensual, bonded with pleasure and romance in our minds’ eyes. These lovely vibrators are designed to provide intense pleasure and sensual stimulation to the clit, creating an experience that is as visually stunning as it is satisfying. Not to mention, it has stirred public opinions into quite a ruckus, finally reclaiming the narrative of women’s pleasure, making it for women’s gaze only, making it shameless instead of shameful, normal, natural, and indulgent.

Types of Rose Vibrators

Initially, the classic clit sucking rose vibrator stole the spotlight, but as its popularity soared, an array of rose vibrators emerged, catering to the myriad of preferences and desires.

Classic Rose Vibrators

These legendary beauties feature a rose-shaped design with a powerful vibrating motor, delivering exquisite sucking pleasure to the clit. With their soft petal-like head and sensual curve, classic rose vibrators are perfect for solo loving.

Rose Tongue Vibrators

Enhanced with multiple speeds and settings, rose tongue vibrators feature a tongue-like tickler or even finger-like nubs in place of the sucking opening. Perfect for those who crave the sensation of being touched or licked, these vibrators may even include a clit pump attachment to amplify the sucking sensation.

Dual Action Rose Vibrators

For double the pleasure, choose a dual-action rose vibrator that stimulates both the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously. With at least two motors and customizable settings, the dual rose vibrator or even a rose rabbit vibrator offers a truly indulgent experience, providing the signature stimulation of the rose vibrator alongside fulfilling penetration.

Vibrators With Rose-Inspired Design

Finally, there are vibrators that, while boasting a different skill set, draw inspiration from the iconic rose vibrator in their aesthetics. Sporting the same lovely look, these vibrators offer a unique twist on the classic design, so you can gather a whole bouquet of rose-like vibrators.

How to Use a Rose Vibrator?

Rose vibrator is used in the same way any classic clit vibrator is used. Turn it up, press it to the clit, and let the orgasms knock you down. Of course, if your rose vibrator features a clit sucking function, add a drop of EdenFantasys water-based lubricant on yourself to help create a vacuum seal and make the sensations more intense.

Where to Buy a Rose Vibrator?

As if our name isn’t enough of a hint, EdenFantasys is a sex toy store that is a garden of pleasure; this is the place you come to shop for the best rose vibrators. Not only do we stock the original rose vibrator, but we also have got a collection of rose vibrators with different fascinating features that you are very welcome to explore.

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FAQ About EdenFantasys’ Rose Vibrators

How Do Rose Vibrators Work?

Rose vibrators work via strong motors that imitate suction, vibration, and thrusting - all of the features you’d want in the best vibrator. Whether you're enjoying clit tease with a classic rose vibrator or experiencing the flickering motion of a rose tongue vibrator, these luxurious “flowers” will never let you down in the orgasm department. Simply adjust the settings to your desired level of intensity and let the rose vibrator take you on a journey of sensual exploration.

How Long Does it Take to Charge a Rose Vibrator?

The charging time for a rose vibrator varies depending on the model and brand. Typically, rose vibrators come with a USB charging cable that allows for convenient and efficient charging for up to 40 mins for a full charge.