Couples' vibrators

Adding a vibrator to your love life is a leap of trust and understanding, and it’s also a step toward achieving truly amazing orgasms. Couples’ vibes fit between lovers’ bodies, boosting sensations for both parties without being intrusive.

Vibrating cock rings keep both partners happy by increasing stamina for men, and giving women much needed clitoral stimulation during intercourse, dramatically improving the chances for an explosive female orgasm.

A lot of couples’ vibes are C-shaped, making them comfortable to wear during sex. A remote control option expands your intimate pleasure beyond the bedroom. Browse our Guide to Couple’s Pleasure to make your best choice.


Buy Couples’ Vibrators From EdenFantasys

Share the pleasure with couples’ vibrators from EdenFantasys’ beautiful collection. They promote intimacy in unexpected ways, they let you have simultaneous orgasms, yes - but they also take away pressure and worries of “not performing well enough”, allowing you both to focus on each other.

There are vibrators for couples that are vital, and there are luxury couples’ vibrators, but it’s an EdenFantasys guarantee - your relationship inside the bedroom and outside of it, too, is going to improve immensely with a couples’ vibrator.

What is a Couples' Vibrator?

A couples' vibrator is a sex toy that is meant to be shared and used together. These vibrators are usually designed in a way that allows them to slip between two bodies seamlessly, melting them in pleasure or enhancing sensations for both partners.

Types of Couples' Vibrators

Although any vibrator can be a couples’ vibrator if you are creative enough, dedicated toys for couples make sure no one leaves unpleased.

C Shaped Vibrators

Designed to be worn during sex, C shaped vibrators deliver simultaneous stimulation to her clit and G-spot while making everything feel tighter for him. These hands-free devices allow for a seamless connection, allowing you to enjoy each other as usual - just a little bit better.

Vibrating Rings

These amazing helpers are worn by the male partner, ensuring prolonged erection for him and crazy clit stimulation for her. The clit attachment can vibrate, lick, suck, and even e-stimulate.

Remote-Controlled Vibrators

With the convenience of a remote control, couples can lose themselves in the moment without reaching down to increase the intensity of the vibration. Plus, the remote control feature allows for public play if that is your fantasy.

Vibrating Strap-Ons

Made for girl-on-girl action or pegging, strapon vibrator features two shafts to stimulate both partners from different ends.

App-Controlled Vibrators

Smartphone apps enable long-distance play and allow you to get intimate wherever and whenever you like. With app-controlled vibrators, couples can synchronize vibration patterns and explore mutual pleasure from anywhere, whether in a crowded room or miles apart.

How to Use a Couples' Vibrator?

Using a couples' vibrator is intuitive - it’s just an add-on to your usual sexy time. Apply lubricant, slide it in or on, and then slide against each other. The best couples’ vibrators stay between you and help so subtly you barely even notice their presence - that is, you explode in the most intense shared orgasm, of course.

Where to Buy a Couples' Vibrator?

When looking for an adult shop to buy a couples’ vibrator, look for inclusivity. EdenFantasys sex shop offers couples’ vibrators that’ll fit and please anybody with anybody. Our curated collection includes a ton of options, as well as a 75K+ review database, extraordinary deals, and super discreet shipping.

FAQ About Couples’ Vibrators From EdenFantasys

How Do Couples' Vibrators Work?

Couples' vibrators work by providing targeted stimulation to the erogenous zones of both parties involved. Whether worn internally or externally, they deliver vibration, suction, and support that enhance arousal and intensify orgasms for both partners.

Do Couples' Vibrators Really Work?

Yes! Couples' vibrators connect two bodies in the most loving way possible, usually making sure he lasts while she orgasms.

Can You Use Couples' Vibrators Solo?

While couples' vibrators are designed for shared pleasure, many can also be used solo for individual stimulation. C shaped vibrators, for example, have a set of features similar to rabbit vibrators - they stimulate the clit and the G spot at the same time - therefore, people with clits and G-spots are in for a splendid time.

How Do Couples Use a Vibrator?

Couples can use a vibrator in oh so many ways to feel closer to one another and enhance their shared experiences in bed - and far beyond the bedroom. Communication, experimentation, and a willingness to explore together are key to making the most of your EdenFantasys couples’ vibrator.