Best Luxury Vibrators For Steamy Couple’s Play

Want to know what makes up a power couple? You've guessed it - powerful orgasms together! In this luxurious listicle, we've gathered all the best sex toys for couples' that are sure to light your bedroom on fire - or any other date scenario you can come up with! Go ahead and choose yourself a few intimacy boosters.


Raise The
Roof With
Remote Control

You don’t have to wait until the party ends to start the foreplay. A remote-controlled wearable panty vibrator lets you discreetly enjoy exquisite sensations on a cocktail party, on the dancefloor - practically anywhere. So get the party started!


Seal The
Deal With
Couple's Vibrator

Well, the party doesn't have to end once you get home. The exquisite Unity - it's a lavish playtime kind of gadget. Slide it in for a blissful simultaneous climax and the gorgeous end to your romantic evening.


Massage Away
With Wand Vibrator

There's no sensual move more classic or more reliable than a sexy massage. The touching, the "working out the kinks", the ability to caress every inch of your lover's body - with the supercharged wand vibrator at hand, you are sure to make them feel the magic.


Explore The
Location With
Clit Vibe

Against the fridge, on the kitchen table, over the sink - your home is a playground for your sex endeavors. Many sex toys for couples take up space, your attention, and free hands, stripping you of the chance to get funky all around the house - but not the Flower of Love. Make her wanton flower bloom with orgasms with this delicate flower-shaped tongue imitator.


Create a
With Discreet Toy

You might think that walking around town or having a picnic in the park are not suitable settings for orgasmic foreplay - and you'd be wrong. The egg vibe turns any stroll into a passion rally, with its big-range remote control and sly shape that helps it to stick in. All you have to do is refrain from moaning too loud.


Share Pleasure
With Next-Gen
Sex Toy

Intensify your pleasure with many modes of rumbly, teasing vibrations using the simple wireless remote. Wherever you are, you can connect to the toy via an app and set your own sexy vibration mode and shoot for the stars - so close, no matter how far.


Play All Night
With High-Tech

Pulling an all-nighter has never been so easy - or so orgasmic. The masturbator will make him hard like never before, withstanding hours of hot and heavy thrusting. It's a total win-win...


Come Together
With A Cock Ring

Whether you plan on getting it on in the bathtub, in the car, or even in the airplane lavatory - there is one thing that'll guarantee an orgasmic finish for both of you, and it's a vibrating penis ring. Making him last super long by restricting the blood flow and making her come faster with precise clit spur this love ring will be the second most prominent ring of your relationship.


Switch Power
With Pegging

Playing around with your power roles is the way to build up your intimacy and take one more step closer. She can hold this lavish pegging vibrator with her vaginal muscles and stir it right toward his P-spot - that's the ultimate power roleplay you can ever experience, with a side of explosive orgasms.


Play With
Flexible Vibrator

When you really don't want anything to restrict your wild lovemaking, having a vibrator that fits and sticks anywhere you'd like it comes in handy. The Focus will electrify all your hot spots on all the bodies involved, setting you free to explore any combination and any sex position imaginable.

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