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Guide to Anal Toys and Anal Sex

About Anal Toys

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The anus is packed with sensitive nerve endings, so there is no wonder anal sex toys feel so fabulous. Our easy to follow guides will help you prepare for anal sex and enjoy it to the fullest.

How To Prepare For Anal Sex

Making anal sex pleasurable is easier than you think. Follow our easy guide to prepare for it properly and enjoy anal bliss.

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How To Choose Anal Plug

Read our beginner's guide to anal plugs and learn how to choose a perfect plug and add extra stimulation to your sex life.

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How And Why To Use Anal Plugs

Anal plug is a very versatile toy; it can bring a lot of pleasure on its own or as an enhancement for anal play. Learn more about anal plugs in this comprehensive guide.

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Prostate Massage

Prostate stimulation can create very pleasurable sensations and even ejaculation. Discover more with our Guide to Prostate Massage for Beginners.

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Anal Toy Fantasies

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Read these sensual fantasies and discover new ways of pleasure.

The Wicked Wait: An Evening of Plugged Pleasure

Imagine an evening full of sensual teasing and excitement. A surprise dinner plan with a little erotic secret inside you, naughty and arousing.

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The Day He Lost His Anal Cherry

Jake never tried anal play before. He had received some advice from a sex toy specialist and purchased a thin anal dildo and some lube.

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Beginner Anal Toy Sets

Pick one of these carefully selected kits and enjoy the most pleasurable anal sex.

This starter kit has all the necessary toys for anal play - a plug, anal beads, bullet vibe, and the anal lubricant to make the play smooth and enjoyable.

A realistically shaped masturbator together with a vibrating c-shape prostate massager is the best way to enhance your solo play and improve your health!

A pleasure finger, a classic plug for backdoor play, and a cock ring to last longer and feel stronger - this is the perfect trio that promises and delivers breathtaking and toe-curling orgasms.

The waterproof realistic vibe is amazing for vaginal stimulation and adding a bullet vibe, and a vibrating butt plug to the experience will bring your pleasure to a whole new level.


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