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Guide to Anal Toys and Anal Sex

How to Choose Anal Toys

Anal toys come in a variety of basic styles - there are plugs, vibrators, probes, dildos, beads, and prostate-specific anal toys. They are also made in a variety of materials. But regardless of what type of anal toy you're hoping to try out, there are a few basic points to consider:
  1. Is the anal toy easily cleanable, or is it made of a more porous substance that can't be fully cleaned?
  2. Does the toy have a flange or flared end that will keep it from getting sucked up into the rectum?
  3. Where do you want the sensation? Do you want to be filled up throughout your rectum, or do you want to have your anus stretched?
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Anal Sex: How to Start

First you have to get comfortable with the idea of anal sex, discuss it with your partner and begin slowly. Smaller anal toys or a finger are the perfect start. Always remember to use lots of lube. Warm up is very important, so don't short cut foreplay. Try massaging the outer anus area before inserting anything to relax it.

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The Giving and Receiving Anal Sex Guide

There are several conditions for having successful anal experience. Firstly, it is very important to be willing, don't engage in the experience if you are sure that anal sex is not for you. Second, you need to be relaxed and warmed up. And third your partner has to be patient and attentive. Find out how to receive the most amazing anal sensations If you are considering being a top these words of wisdom are for you

Safer Anal Sex

Anal toys are the safer way to start experimenting with anal sensations, opt for smaller sizes with flared base. Make sure you are not using desensitizing lubes, as pain is a natural way for your body to warn you and if you don't feel anything you might damage body tissues. Use anal lubes that are thicker and provide more coverage than regular lubes. Your anal toy should have a flared base or long handle so it doesn't slip inside.

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Anal toys for Prostate Massage

Prostate stimulation delivers amazing sensations as well as health benefits. Many men are able to achieve a prostate orgasm with prostate stimulation. Prostate massage increases blood flow to the prostate area, which is great for preventing many types of prostate health problems. There is an array of toys that can be used for prostate stimulation, including specialized prostate toys.

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