Butt plugs

Butt plugs are designed to stay firmly in place so you can enjoy pressure in your booty, stretсh, prep for anal sex. Thanks to their distinct tapered shape and flared base, butt plugs are safe for anal, universally pleasurable, and loved by all.

Vibrating butt plugs deliver more stimulation thanks to powerful vibration modes. Glass butt plugs - metal, too - have a nice heavy presence and feel really nice in temperature play. Huge butt plugs stretch you beyond reason - and you love it.

From cute butt plugs like diamond or flower-based to advanced options like gaping butt plugs and butt plugs for public wear, the options are delectable and worth a try. For any type of anal play, there is the best butt plug to choose.


Buy Butt Plugs In EdenFantasys Sex Toy Shop

Explore boundlessly and please shamelessly - that’s what butt plugs are all about. The EdenFantasys collection of butt plugs is a treasury of fun, metal, playful, challenging, and extraordinary anal pleasure.

What is a Butt Plug?

Butt plugs, the best anal sex toys out there, are meant to slip in and stay there, offering a unique sensation of fullness and arousal. They typically have a cone shape with a tapered tip for easy insertion, a thicker edge to stretch you on the way in, a thin neck that your body closes around when the butt plug slips in place, and a big safe base that prevents it from going deeper. Those bodies, necks, and bases can be very different. Beaded butt plugs give the sensation of anal beads without friction. Diamond butt plugs, or flower butt plugs, have a stunningly beautiful base that is worth showing off to your partner. Tailed butt plugs offer possibilities for pet play and simply look stunningly seductive.

  • Vibrating Butt Plugs. Vibrating butt plugs are anal toys equipped with a motor that emits powerful vibrations, enhancing sensation and pleasure during use. They often have more than one feature, boasting thrusting, heating, e stim functions - there are even rimming butt plugs that have beads in their necks that rotate to make it feel like it’s your lover’s tongue working.
  • Small Butt Plugs. Small butt plugs are beginner’s butt plugs for those who explore anal sex or a great choice for those who prefer a more subtle sensation. They typically have a slender shaft and a very thin neck, so their presence is barely there.
  • Huge Butt Plugs. Huge butt plugs, also known as large or XL butt plugs, are intended for experienced users seeking intense fullness and stretching sensations. They have a significantly larger diameter and girth compared to standard plugs, providing a more advanced level of stimulation. There are butt plug training sets that graduate in size from tiny to huge to prepare for anal sex, to stretch you step by step. Some are anchor plugs, meaning they “open up” once inserted, stretching you impossibly. There are gaping plugs that have no thin neck or any space that feels excusing; they are just THICK, and they leave you gaping for your partner. Inflatable butt plugs can give the same stretching sensations but with more control over the thickness.
  • Cute Butt Plugs. Cute butt plugs often feature playful designs, bases shaped like diamonds, gems, and flowers. They come in various sizes, catering to different preferences, but they typically prioritize aesthetics and visual appeal. The tailed butt plugs - fox tail butt plug, bunny tail butt plug - are more niche butt plugs that not only look amazing but also can be used in a pet play scenario. Cute butt plugs are often glass or metal, meaning they are heavy and, even though small, give a nice weighty sensation - it is fabulous for couple play, especially to intensify spanking.
  • Public Butt Plugs. Public butt plugs are discreet and comfortable anal toys designed for wear in public settings, such as during intimate outings or BDSM play. They are often smaller in size and feature a T-shaped base to ensure safety and comfort during extended wear in public spaces. Read on how to choose a butt plug for long term wear.

How to Use a Butt Plug?

The beauty of a butt plug is that you can use it in any sexy setting. Solo, couple, vanilla or kinky, struggles to come, comes too soon, needs g spot stimulation, wants a threesome or a DP experience, wants more tightness - a butt plug prevails in any of these scenarios. Here, dig into EdenFantasys’ comprehensive guide on how to use a butt plug. Begin by selecting the perfect plug for your needs, considering factors such as size, material, and texture. Use plenty of lubrication to enhance comfort and ease of insertion, and slowly and gently insert the plug, allowing your body to adjust to the sensation. Once in place, revel in the feeling of fullness and arousal as you explore new depths of pleasure.

How to Choose the Best Butt Plug?

Navigate the EdenFantasys’ collection of butt plugs with confidence - we promise you will find what you’re looking for. First, consider your experience level and desired sensations, and ask yourself if you’re a beginner seeking gentle exploration or an experienced enthusiast craving intense stimulation. Or maybe you want something specific, like better g spot stimulation with a butt plug, or you want to better anal sex positions.

Pay attention to factors such as size, shape, material, and features like vibration to ensure a tailored experience that leaves you breathless with pleasure.

Where to Buy Butt Plugs?

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We'd love for you to choose us for your butt plug needs. We are your partners in crime and pleasure, ready to have your back (no pun intended). Explore our butt plug collection to find the perfect butt plug for your desires because, at EdenFantasys, we aim to fulfill your fantasies.

FAQ About EdenFantasys’ Butt Plugs

Are butt plugs safe?

Absolutely! When used responsibly and with proper hygiene, butt plugs are as safe as any other sex toy. Just remember: safety first, fun second!

How to insert a butt plug?

First things first: relax! Use plenty of EdenFantasys anal lube, take it slow, and don't force it. Remember, it's all about finding what feels good for you.

How long can you wear a butt plug?

While there's no set time limit, it's best to listen to your body. Start with short periods and gradually increase if comfortable. Pro tip - choose butt plugs with a t-shaped base so it would fit between your cheeks. Also, look into glass or metal plugs - thanks to their super smooth texture, you won’t have to reapply lube as often.

How to clean a butt plug?

Wash with warm water and mild soap, or use EdenFantasys sex toy cleaner before and after each use. If it's silicone, avoid silicone-based lubes and harsh cleaners. Your butt plug will thank you later!