Intro To Anal Sex

Don't deprive yourself of pleasure. Anal sex is a gateway to a whole new world and type of stimulation that you will learn about in this guide.

Why does anal sex feel so good?

There is one quite powerful orgasmic button in our bodies, and, during anal sex, it’s stimulated from a new angle.

The anus is packed with sensitive nerve endings, but what you might not know is that the human body has something called the pudendal nerve.

This nerve bisects the clitoris/penis and goes all the way to the rectum. So it's basically the same orgasmic button - but on the other side.

How should you introduce anal sex to your partner?

How should you introduce anal sex to your partner?

There are many inhibitions regarding anal sex and most of them stem from ignorance. The truth is that anal sex can be just as safe and pleasurable as any other form of sex.

For those who've never tried it, anal sex may be intimidating — but so is almost anything else you try for the first time.

If you want to introduce anal into your lovemaking routine, be sure to get as many answers as you can before you have "the talk" with your partner.

Remember: It's perfectly normal to feel awkward about sexual topics. When you do bring it up, don't be too serious. Introduce the idea gradually. Take it easy.

Women and Anal Sex

The anus has a myriad of nerve endings that, like the vagina, can produce incredible sensations - including orgasms. In reality, good anal sex delivers great pleasure to both the "giver" and the "receiver". Moreover, many women find the "full" sensation of anal sex extremely arousing.

For women, it's best to practice first with a small, tapered toy with a flared base. Go for a metal or glass - firm and smooth material ensures easy and frictionless insertion.

Men and Anal Sex

Society puts a lot of pressure on men - to be considered truly "masculine", they need to conform to a strict code of sexual guidelines. In reality, when sex is involved, there are no absolutes. A man who engages in butt play may simply be sexually adventurous and free-spirited.

For men, it's best to start anal play with a prostate massager, ergonomically curved to hit the P-spot. Not only does it have health benefits, it also provides delightful sexual sensations.

Busting the 6 Common Myths About Anal Sex

Anal sex is "dirty"

There's a lot of trash talk and shame-based stereotypes regarding anal sex. Things like: "Only sluts have anal sex," or "If you like anal sex, you're gay." These are based on ignorance and fear. No one can dictate what is or isn't acceptable for you.

Anal sex is painful

Anal sex is like any other sexual act: it only hurts if you're doing it wrong. Always be gentle with your partner, and remember to keep the lines of communication open. Pay attention to their physical and verbal cues, and you're both will have a great experience.

Anal sex is messy

For a healthy adult, the anus and rectum are usually free of any mess. Their purpose is passage, not storage. If it makes you more comfortable, use a douche beforehand. As for the toys - they need to be cleaned after every use, as per manufacturer's instructions.

Anal sex leads to incontinence

Anal sex has no connection whatsoever with to this unpleasant health problem. The sphincter muscle easily stretches and contracts back to the same size, just like any other muscle.

Anal sex creates an "urge"

For a healthy adult who has regular bowel movements (a high fiber diet is a big help), you're pretty much safe from any surprises.

Anal sex doesn't require condoms

Although anal sex eliminates pregnancy risks, it does carry a risk of STD transmission. Condoms will not only keep you safe from STDs but can also reduce friction and ensure a smoother entry.

The Golden Rules of Anal Sex


Lube. Lube. Lube.


Positions and angles can and should vary. With every new angle come new sensations.

Stay protected

Don’t interchangeably use the same object for anal and vaginal stimulation without cleaning it first or putting a new condom on it. Even trace amounts of excrement can result in an infection.


The time is always right to add more lube, to change pace, to switch to a more enjoyable position, or to stop. Never stay silent if something feels off.

Giving anal sex

Be gentle and don't rush things. Put your partner's feelings first. Be sure it's good for him or her, and the level of enjoyment for both of you will be much deeper.

Receiving anal sex

Relax and enjoy. If anything feels wrong or uncomfortable, speak up! Don't hesitate to give your partner feedback and instructions on how to increase your pleasure.