Prostate Massage for Beginners

What is a Prostate?

What is a Prostate?

Prostate or P-spot is a walnut size gland located between bladder and penis. Prostate stimulation can create very pleasurable sensations and even ejaculation.

How to Stimulate Prostate

Prostate is stimulated by massaging the area located a couple inches inside the anus on the wall closest to your stomach. You can start exploring prostate stimulation by gently inserting well lubricated finger and massaging the area. However your own finger is not long enough to provide efficient stimulation. Specifically designed prostate toys make it easier to reach and stimulate prostate because of their particular shape and specialized functions such as vibrations.

How To Use A Prostate Massager?

Clench and release muscles around inserted prostate massager.

Using handle make a gentle rocking movement that will create pressure on the area.

Sit on the toy and lightly rock back and forth on it

If you like vibrations use a vibrating prostate massager. All you need to do is relax and let the toy do its job.

Safety Tips


Your toys should have a flared base or a very long handle to ensure you don’t loose them inside.


Always use plenty of thick lube on the toy and orifice.


Do it slow and gently - don't rush.


Don’t do prostate massage if you have conditions like anal fissures, hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding.


Always consult with a doctor if you have prostate health problems.