Awesome Health Benefits Of The Best Male Sex Toys

Adult toys for men are more than just sex toys - all these gadgets provide much more than simple satisfaction. Battling some health issues, preventing others and helping to become the best lover ever - a piece of cake for these gadgets. Your sexual happiness along with your sexual health is our #1 priority, so it's time to get to know these little sexy helpers and find out which tool will work wonders for you.

1 The Best MasturPAL

A fine masturbation session is basically a neat cardio workout since it has the same effects on your health. It promotes the blood flow, reducing chances of a heart attack, ridding you of depression, anxiety and panic attacks. The best sex toy choice for your hanky-panky cardio are masturbators. They make your "one"-some feel much more realistic and even better than real with ace functions and seductive textures. With masturbators, you can also train your sex stamina to impress your partner with mad lover skills, because they help to battle premature ejaculation like crazy.

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2 What Masturbator To Pick?

  • Masturbation sleeves

    Sleeves are a top choice for gentlemen on the go. Easy to hide, discreet, practical and mad sensual - who wouldn't want to have such a stress-reliever at hand? Sleeves and pussies in cases are perfect for a quick handy session when you need to take the edge off, with sensual textures inside to make the play 100% more orgasmic.

  • Hands-free masturbators

    These toys are the best friends of those guys who believe the most awesome masturbation session is also the ultimate chillaxing situation. With laid back thrusting, your other muscles stay relaxed, giving you a chance to experience the climax like never before. These are the best male sex toys when it comes to effortless orgasms - no argument there.

  • Realistic vaginas

    These molds are living proof of sex toys for men being more than just sex toys. The life-like replicas allow you to relive the sexy experience as close to the real thing as possible, with all the angles, the softness of the skin and the marvelous details. By recreating the lovemaking motions you engage all of your muscles, making a full-body workout a blast.

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3 The P-erks Of P-spot Massagers

By now, any guy should know how amazing is regular prostate massage for your sexual health. P-spot massagers are the supremes among male sex toys because they’re the only ones that provide a legit prophylactic with orgasmic results. Thorough prostate massage with an ergonomic sex toy prevents the build-up of prostatic fluid in the prostate gland ducts, which can lead to prostatitis and prostate cancer. This blissful stimulation attracts fresh blood to the pelvic region, promotes the production of semen and frequently resolves minor erectile problems. Want to know the biggest perk? P-spot massagers are merely the only ones among sex toys for men that can cause dry orgasms or even multiple orgasms. So that would be a fun ride.

4 What Massager To Pick?

  • Curved P-spot massagers

    Curved probes are designed to aim the prostate gland precisely - hence the very ergonomic curve at the tip of the shaft. Various textures are always at play for a more thorough backdoor stimulation - beaded options are the most body-friendly ones, with gradual sizing and insanely pleasurable massage.

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  • Prostate massagers with perineum attachment

    These bad boys stay in place much better than any other massagers do, prominently stimulating the piece of skin between the anus and the scrotum. This is perineum - a knot of extremely sensitive muscles, teasing which basically delivers outer prostate stimulation for mind-blowing sensations - and a much more effective massage.

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  • Glass prostate massagers

    Glass options are absolutely smashing when it comes to applying pressure. Sometimes the P-spot needs a stronger spur to release its orgasmic potential, and prostate toys made from unyielding materials are the ones for the job. Let alone the possibility of explosive temperature play, with a special degree for your pleasure.

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orgasms per month

That's how many is enough to keep you healthy in the sexy department - and significantly lower the risks of prostate cancer.

5 The Pump Up Of Vacuum Pump

Is it a male sex toy? Is it a blessing in disguise? It’s both. The best thing about vacuum penis pumps is that they can literally make your penis bigger. With regular use, you’ll be able to get some extra inches in length and girth, eliminating any self-esteem issues. The health benefit of this sex toy for men is even cooler - it immensely aids with erectile dysfunction, pumping the blood to your erection, making it super hard and steady. A sure plus is that pumps increase erotic sensitivity, making your orgasms much more sensual and intense.

6 What Pump To Pick?

  • Classic vacuum pumps

    These pumps feature a bulb that you can squeeze repeatedly to achieve the desired tightness around the shaft. The awesome thing about these toys is that you get to fully control the amount of pressure your penis is going to get, pushing it or stepping down a bit.

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  • Automatic penis pumps

    Automatic options are similar to classic =in theory, but these automatons have way more to offer. They can treat you to different patterns of "air sucking", turning your pumping session into a superb oral-like experience, while you just have to press a single button to control.

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  • Water pumps

    Water pumps stand out greatly among others sex toys for men - yes, those boys are luxurious. With very fancy mechanism involved, water penis pumps use water to create pressure around your shaft, providing the most sensual - and the most long-lasting - results.

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7 The Bling Of Penis Rings

If you want one sex toy for men that will help with ED, prolong your erections, avoid PE, deliver more pleasure both to yourself and to your partner - you need a ring. One cock ring to rule them all. A tight love ring captures the blood in your penis, making you last longer and experience super intense unload. A love loop with texture or attachments is a whole other level - it can stimulate your partner’s clit with robust vibration, it can provide the best spur to your perineum for even more bliss, it is capable of delivering mind-shattering simultaneous orgasms. Did we “ring” you on it?

8 What Ring To Pick?

  • Traditional cock rings

    These straps are as simple as it gets, but it doesn't make them less effective. A plain tight loop around the base of your shaft holds the blood in your hard-on for as long as you like, making you last longer, stand harder, come bigger.

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  • Hoops with prostate attachments

    These buddies are your classic "two birds with one stone" type of male sex toy. Not only they provide steady support of your erection, but they also give a thorough P-spot massage, with some perineum action on the side for a guaranteed orgasmic explosion.

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  • Vibrating love rings

    Vibrating rings prevail in couple's play. Securing a wondrous erection for the man and making sure he'll last as long as it takes, vibrating rings also deliver strong clitoral spur to the lady, closing the orgasm gap and bringing a simultaneous climax.

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