Anal beads

Anal beads can boost or deliver an anal orgasm - they are among the best anal toys on the market. Anal beads give fabulous sensations on their way in, out, and as they stay inside, too. Though easily enjoyed on your own, anal beads feel best when your partner pulls them out.

Vibrating anal beads, huge anal beads, anal beads for men - in any style, anal beads are the only anal toy that makes more ruckus on its way out than as it goes in. The beaded design makes your booty muscles open and close, and the “high” of adjusting never wears off.

Anal beads are meant to be pulled out on the very cusp of the orgasm, making it a hundredfold more intense and sending every nerve needing in your butt into a frenzy. Learn how to use anal beads and how to choose the best with EdenFantasys.


Buy Anal Beads At EdenFantasys

Shop EdenFantasys anal beads collection - we’ve got a big swing from beginner anal sex to advanced anal sex sensations, all in the span of one sex toy type. From classic small anal beads to huge anal beads, from steel anal beads to vibrating anal beads, these are the best anal sex toys that deliver unconventional pleasure and feel especially good when shared with a partner.

What Are Anal Beads?

The enigmatic, marvelous anal beads always had a shrowd of mystery around them because many people seem to be unclear on how to use anal beads and what they even do.

Anal beads are anal toys designed to stimulate the sensitive nerve endings of the anus and provide intense pleasure - more so on their way out than on their way in. Anal beads consist of a strand of spherical or cylindrical beads connected by a flexible string or shaft. They offer a unique sensation that can enhance solo or partnered play - and they are a delight during the “beading off” - aka pulling them out on the verge of the orgasm. Despite their intricate shape, they are beginner-friendly and can easily be your intro to anal sex.

Anal Beads

Classic anal beads feature a series of smooth, spherical beads connected by a flexible string or shaft. They are usually very flexible, with the smallest bead being no bigger than 0.2 inches and the biggest - 2 inches in diameter max. Perfect for beginners and experienced enthusiasts alike, classic anal beads offer a simple yet effective way to explore anal pleasure.

Vibrating Anal Beads

Make your anal play a little bit more exciting with vibrating anal beads, which combine the sensation of traditional anal beads with added vibrations for intensified pleasure. These beads often feature multiple vibration settings and patterns, allowing users to customize their experience and warm up, preparing for anal sex with their partner. Whether used solo or with a partner, vibrating anal beads offer a thrilling way to enhance stimulation and arousal.

Huge Anal Beads

For those who crave a more intense experience, huge anal beads provide the ultimate sensation of fullness and stretching. These extra-large beads are designed for experienced users who want a satisfyingly challenging experience that is sure to leave you feeling thoroughly fulfilled - and, in probability, gaping.

Beaded Anal Dildos

Combining the functionality of anal beads with the fun bead-like texture, beaded anal dildos are actually solid, rigid shafts that have voluptuous curves but are much less challenging to insert. Some models even allow for gentle thrusting if you want to savor the delectability of every bead.

How to Use Anal Beads

Using anal beads is simple yet exhilarating. Here’s a small guide on how anal beads work and how to “bead off”:

  • Begin by applying a generous amount of EdenFantasys’ water-based lubricant to both the beads and yourself to ensure smooth insertion.
  • Gently insert the first smallest bead, allowing your muscles to relax and accommodate the toy.
  • Gradually insert each next bead at your own pace, savoring each moment of heightened sensation.
  • As you reach orgasm, slowly withdraw the beads one by one, paying attention to the intensified sensations with each bead's removal.

Experiment with different withdrawal speeds and techniques to customize your experience and discover what brings you the most pleasure.

Where to Buy Anal Beads?

From EdenFantasys anal beads collection, of course. Look no further than our curated collection of high-quality anal beads, including long anal beads, beginner anal beads, huge anal beads, and vibrating anal beads. With discreet packaging and convenient delivery options, exploring your desires has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are Anal Beads For?

Anal beads are designed to provide intense anal stimulation and enhance sexual pleasure. They can be used for solo play - though a bit tricky - or partnered play, where one partner is enjoying the anal beads while another pulls them out.

What Do Anal Beads Do?

Anal beads work by gradually increasing pressure and stretching the anal sphincter muscles during insertion, leading to heightened arousal and intense sensations. When pulled out - aka “beaded off” at the point of climax, they greatly intensify orgasms and enhance overall sexual satisfaction.

How to Clean Anal Beads?

Proper hygiene is essential when it comes to all anal sex toys. After each use, wash your anal beads thoroughly with warm water and mild soap, or use the EdenFantasys’ sex toy cleaner. Ensure they are completely dry before storing them in a clean, dry place.