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Masturbators are designed to bring a quick orgasm and help train stamina. They are a great addition to solo play, with lots of orgasmic features for extra sensations. Explore our guides to find the best sex toy for you.

The Guide To Male Masturbators

Masturbation isn't only a sensually pleasurable activity; it has several benefits - it creates a sense of well-being, improves sleep, reduces stress.

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6 New Ideas For Mind-Blowing Solo Pleasure

Everyone loves to let off steam and indulge into shameless self-loving. Here are 6 ideas on how to maximize your solo pleasure.

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How Realistic Toys Are Made

Most of the realistic toys are molded directly from your favorite adult video stars and are made from ultra realistic materials. Play the video to see it for yourself.

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Ergonomics Of Toys

A massive amount of research goes into the creation of a designer sex toy. Discover most popular shapes, created to stimulate erogenous hot spots.

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Find your erotic inspiration with these enticing sex stories.

Passion by the Pale Moonlight

Create an unforgettable romantic night full of passion and pleasure with this story and a matching adult toys kit!

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Happy Birthday to Him

Have a taste of this thrilling fantasy and indulge in a passionate self-love session with a carefully selected sex toys kit.

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A realistically shaped masturbator together with a vibrating c-shape prostate massager is the best way to enhance your solo play and improve your health!

Ridged texture on the inside and comfortable holding grip make this masturbating sleeve a great enhancer for solo or couples play while adding a vibrating bullet to it makes the experience even more orgasmic.


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