Ask a Sex and Relationship Counselor

Meet Sue - She’s Our Sexpert!

Sue McGarvie has been one of Canada’s most beloved experts in sex, relationships, and marriage since the 90s. She has multiple awards, multiple media appearances, and positions in mentorship and education. She is the author of three books on sexuality and relationships, a trailblazer, a scholar, and a warm and wonderful human being. There is no one else we'd rather go to talk about sex and sex toys.

You can check out her awesome podcast Turned On and read more at Sex With Sue.

What Sue Can Help You With

While being such a prolific expert in many areas, including sexual health, sex toys, and sexual relationships, the most amazing thing about Sue is her ability to listen, connect, and empathize. Here’s what Sue can do for you:

  • Help you pick a perfect sex toy;
  • Say whether or not a particular toy would be good for you;
  • Suggest the best toys for any special fantasies or sensations you wish to experience;
  • Give advice on how to shop for your first sex toy;
  • Give tips on how to introduce sex toys into your relationship;
  • Help figure out what toys to gift to your lover.

And oh so much more!