The Easy & Fun Way to Be More Adventurous In Bed

Basic Toys To Start Your Sexual Adventure

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Guide to Sex Toys for Beginners

Toys For Women 101

Up to 70% of women struggle to reach an orgasm, and even masturbation does not ensure a "closure" for up to 35% of women. Sex toys offer a brilliant solution, providing women with the necessary effects, restless motors, and a guaranteed orgasm during every use.

If you are buying your first sex toy - it’s safer to go for a small or medium size, girth, and power.

  • Vibrators enhance women's sexual experience. Inner, outer or dual stimulation, different features like rotating beads, thrusting, pulsating, along with various shapes and textures allow for incredible stimulation.
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  • Dildos are great for exciting experiments that are impossible during regular intercourse.Textured and firm, dildos apply intense pressure for the most effective effective G-spot stimulation.
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  • Clitoral teasers provide stimulation that majority of women need to reach the orgasmic peak. They imitate oral play, tease, suck, lick, tickle, and buzz, making your orgasm an easy and sure deal.
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  • Exercisers for vaginal muscles, also known as Kegel balls, are inserted vaginally and held in place by pelvic muscles. Frequent use of kegels strengthens pelvic floor muscles, leading to brighter climaxes and longer lovemaking sessions.
    Power up your orgasms with kegels

Discover Male Sex Toys

The majority of male sex toys work as enhancers for a better erotic experience. They satisfy the wildest solo play desires and boost sexual health, improve stamina, enabling longer lovemaking sessions with a partner.

If you are choosing your first male toy — the best way is to keep it simple and stick to familiar shapes.

  • Masturbators will turn your usual solo session into a real sexual adventure. A huge variety of shapes, sizes and unique features could make every time feel like the first time.
    Find out more in this guide to male masturbators
  • Prostate massagers provide huge health benefits for men. They are ergonomically shaped allowing to hit the P-spot directly. Proper stimulation of the area increases blood flow, which improves prostate health.
    Discover more about prostate massagers for beginners
  • Stamina enhancers are very efficient in battling various sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Penis pumps are highly effective for size enlargement. Cock rings restrict blood flow to the genitals, prolong lovemaking sessions and provide brighter orgasms.
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  • Special jack off lubes have a mild numbing effect that enhances stimulation and prolong masturbation sessions.
    Shop for jack off lubricants

Anal Sex Basics

Anal toys are the safest way of experimenting with backdoor play, with various shapes and sizes to choose from. Always remember to use plenty of special anal lubricant when trying anal sex — it’s thicker than usual lubes and lasts longer.

If you are choosing your first anal toy — go for beginners’ kits that feature more than one size, to start slow and build up the pleasure gradually.

Couple's Sex Must-haves

Traditional intercourse can an  be a lot of fun, but there is always room for improvement. Couples’ sex toys are designed to fit between two bodies seamlessly, only heightening the sensations and making sex more satisfying.

If you are choosing your first couples’ toy, go for something unobtrusive, so neither of the partners would feel intimidated or forced to compete.

  • Cock rings are worn around the penis and/or testicles, used to enhance men’s sexual prowess, penile girth, and extend the erection. A vibrating attachment with a strong bullet ends up stimulating female partner’s clitoris and labia. It’s a win-win for both partners and a bursting simultaneous climax is a bonus.
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  • C-shaped vibrators provide simultaneous C and G-spots stimulation for her and amazing vibrations during the penetration for him, improving the chances for an explosive orgasm.
    Choose a C-shaped vibe to enhance your orgasms and your relationship


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