Anal Beads Explained

The unique shape of anal beads allows for exquisite sensations, highlighting the orgasm and amplifying anal pleasure.

Ergonomics of anal beads

Sensuous silicone anal beads – anal beads with loop handle
Sensuous silicone anal beads – anal beads with loop handle

The art of "beading off".

  1. Apply lots of lube
  2. Insert gently
  3. Pull out bead by bead for waves of pleasure
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Features that add to the experience


  • Girthy anal beads are amazing for seasoned connoisseurs.
  • They create intense stimulation simply by being inside - and, even more so, on their way out.


  • Vibrating beads massage sensitive nerve endings in the butt, creating deep, rumbling sensations.
  • One set of anal beads may have many vibration patterns for different kinds of stimulation.


  • Long anal beads of different materials can be a treat both for beginners and advanced users alike.
  • Large spaces provide breaks between periods of stimulation, gradually building up arousal.

Safety tips

Getting Ready

  • A simple shower is enough, but if it will make you more comfortable, use a douche.
  • Clean your toys according to manufacturer's specifications.
  • Stock up on anal lubes with a thicker consistency.

Being Safe

  • Don't rush anything, be patient and go slow.
  • Never use regular stringed beads for anal play - they are not sanitary and do not withstand pressure.
  • Begin with a pinkie finger or the smallest of the beads. Increase girth gradually.

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