Anal Beads Explained

What Are Anal Beads?

Anal beads are excellent for intensifying orgasms when pulled out during climax. Anal beads are several small beads connected by a sturdy string with a ring or a handle at the end. The modern beads are usually made entirely from silicone or TPR material ensuring that they won't get torn apart inside your rectum. They also come in variety of sizes and textures.

What Are Anal Beads?

How To Use Anal Beads?

  1. Apply plenty of lube on your toy and anus zone.
  2. Massage or apply vibration just outside the orifice and other zones to relax.
  1. Once ready slowly start inserting beads one by one.
  2. When you feel orgasm breaking gently pull out beads. Pull beads one by one as each will created intense waves of pleasure.

Safety Tips:

  1. Use plenty of lube. Anal lube or silicone lube will last longer and provide more protection.
  2. When ready to pull always check that there is enough lube left in the orifice.
  3. Always pull beads gently and straight, do not pull at the angle.
  4. Never rush always pull one bead at a time.
  5. Always check your beads before inserting them. If the connecting thread seems fragile do not use these beads.
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