How To Choose The Best Anal Plug To Stay Plugged For Os

How To Choose The Best Anal Plug To Stay Plugged For Os

Butt plugs are meant for one sweet purpose - to plug your booty up and make you feel good - veeery good. Whether you want to make it a part of exciting foreplay, prep your butt for a backdoor session or just make your cheeks look more enticing with one of those sparkling gems between them, it's hard to go wrong with adding a good butt plug to your collection. But how to choose that love-at-first-pop-in plug? Explore this guide and pick the best toy that'll always keep you "plugged in" for pleasure.

1How Anal Plugs Work?

  1. Diamond shape eases insertion and keeps the toy in
  2. Thin neck provides a firm muscle hold
  3. Flared base protects from slip-ins

As the backdoor area is filled with numerous sensitive nerve endings, its stimulation provides a blast of unique pleasure. Women have twice the reason to love butt plugs as this toy stays inside the tushie during penetration, restlessly massages the G-spot and leads her to a supercharged O. For men butt plug is not any less pleasurable due to pronounced P-spot stimulation.

The most distinctive features of butt plugs are their tapered shape and flared base specifically designed to let the toy stay firmly in place and preventing it from accidentally slipping too far inside the rectal canal. Unique butt plug shape is a real find for those who want to train and stretch the anus in preparation for anal sex and gaping or those who dream of enjoying extended anal toy wear.

2Can Butt Plugs Go Extra? Yes!


Combining the classic butt plug shape with the arousing buzz of a vibrator makes for the perfect orgasmic formula. These intense, climactic sensations made butt plugs the numero uno anal toys for millions of connoisseurs. The buzz sends arousing impulses throughout the entire pelvic floor in various delightful modes, and you can effortlessly cycle through the different levels of stimulation. Some of the plugs offer special functions like a remote control for playing together with a partner, or even rimming imitating features.


Plugs made of smooth and silky material like silicone are an excellent option for beginners and are perfect for extended butt plug wear. While being lightweight and perfectly adapting to your body's anatomy, they provide ample stimulation and, what is very important for an anal toy, are easy to care for.

Firm metal and glass plugs don't bend, preserve temperature and are heavy, which makes them perfect for those who want to add a note of kink to their session. Metal and glass butt plugs can be boiled for ideal sterility, which makes your backdoor games super safe.


Beginners who can't figure the ideal girth and length while looking for their first plug will find a kit with anal plugs of various sizes to be a great starting point. Such a kit includes several plugs which vary from thinnest to huge, allowing to elevate the experience one step at a time, gradually expanding your intimate horizons.

3How To Have Even More Fun With Anal Plugs?

Double Penetration

To give the exciting idea of double penetration a go, you don't have to invite a third party to your bedroom - an elegant butt plug is all you need to enjoy that extremely delightful feeling of fullness and spice things up.

As part of couples' play, butt plug stays inside her tushie bringing extra pressure to the G-spot from behind while he penetrates her vaginally. If you are planning to enjoy it on your own, put your bet on the combination of a plug with an ergonomically-shaped G-spot toy to get a double poke.


Wanna make your spanking session even spicier? Make use of your amazing butt plug once more. When a flogger or paddle lands on your butt cheek, the plugged toy inside trembles and jiggles, making you balance on the verge of ecstasy with every slap. An anal plug is also the ultimate accessory for power play as no other feeling is more thrilling than when one of you commands another to insert and enjoy a butt plug.

Animal Play

Unleash your primordial instinct and let the wild passion burn during a thrilling animal role-playing session. Butt plugs that feature realistic tails make gorgeous props for animal play. Having a tail greenlights meowing, scratching and biting during orgasm - moreover, it's very much welcome.

4Safety Tips

Clean Up

As the rectum is meant for "passage," not "storage," it has no left-over matter, and shower is enough to prepare you for anal sex. Using a douche is not necessary, but if you want to be sure you are as clean as a whistle, use it. Clean your toys in line with the manufacturer's specifications before inserting or switching toys from one orifice to another.

Lube Up

The anus has no natural lubrication, so never attempt anal play without lube. Use special anal lubes with a thicker consistency and avoid numbing lubes so that you could always feel your body's signals.

Warm Up

Be gentle and go slow. The anus is conditioned to remain clenched, so be patient while expanding your backdoor horizons. Start by relaxing and massaging around the orifice. When you're ready for penetration, start with a pinkie finger or with a toy of smaller diameter. Once you're used to the sensation, build up gradually to toys with a bigger girth.

Use Only Anal Toys

Since the sphincter muscles contract involuntarily, if the toy doesn't have a wide base or ring at the end, it can slide inside the anal rear. Use only specifically designed anal toys for your safety.

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