Anal Plugs Explained

A delightful feeling of fullness, double penetration experience, P-spot and G-spot massage - a simple anal plug can give it all. With the amazing variety of choices, you are sure to find a toy that'll keep you "plugged in" for pleasure.

Ergonomics of an anal plug

Ergonomics of an anal plug

Features that add to the experience


  • Sends arousing impulses throughout the entire pelvic floor.
  • Has many vibration patterns for different levels of arousal.
  • Can be remote-controlled for hands-free fun.


  • Soft silicone anal plugs provide ample stimulation and adapt to the anatomy. Perfect for beginners.
  • Firm glass or metal butt plugs are rigid, don't bend, preserve temperature and are heavy.


  • A kit with differently sized anal plugs is a great beginner choice.
  • Butt plugs in a kit measure from the thinnest to huge, allowing to gradually increase size step by step, as you explore your new erotic horizons.

Ideas for fun butt plug play

Double Penetration

Double Penetration
  • Along with a penis or an ergonomically-shaped G-spot toy, an anal plug will apply extra pressure to the G-spot from behind.
  • In a DP scenario, whether in solo or couples' play, a thick butt plug will create a feeling of fullness that many women find hugely arousing.


  • Try adding a butt plug to a spanking session. When a flogger or paddle lands on a butt cheek, the anal plug inside trembles and jiggles, bringing you closer to ecstasy.
  • An anal plug is the ultimate accessory for power play. The order to insert a butt plug is sexually gratifying for the lover who makes the command, as well as the one who obeys it.

Animal Play

Animal Play

Butt plugs that feature realistic tails make amazing props for animal role-playing. Having a tail opens up a wild world of experiments that can leave you purring with delight.

Safety tips

Clean Up

  • A shower is enough when preparing for anal sex.
  • The rectum is meant for "passage", not "storage," so it has no left-over matter.
  • The use of douche is optional, and depends on your preference.
  • Toys must be cleaned according to manufacturer's specifications before being inserted or switched from one orifice to another.

Lube Up

  • The anus has no natural lubrication, so never attempt anal play without lube.
  • Use special anal lubes with a thicker consistency.
  • Avoid numbing lubes for butt play. You have to feel the signals of your body.

Warm Up

  • Be gentle and go slow. The anus is conditioned to remain clenched, so be patient.
  • Start by relaxing and massaging around the anus.
  • When you're ready for penetration, begin with a pinkie finger or with a toy of a small diameter.
  • Once you're used to the sensation, build up gradually to toys with increasing girth.

Use only toys designed for anal

  • Butt plugs have a wide base or ring at the end, and that's for your safety.
  • The sphincter muscles contract involuntarily, and can pull a toy so far inside it can require a visit to the doctor to retrieve it.

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