Guide To Erotic Spanking And Whipping For Beginners

According to our exciting forum poll, over 83% of adults don’t mind being spanked. It comes with no surprise - spanking feels fantastic, it makes your skin ultra sensitive, it carries super arousing ideas and erotic inspiration. Here's a handy step-by-step guide that'll teach you how to spank and get some BUMtastic thrills from every smack.

Warm Up Pre-Spanking

A proper warm-up is essential for enjoyable erotic spanking. Start with soft smacks and gradually ramp up to harder whacks over time. It will trigger the production of endorphins in the receiver’s body, will help them relax and enjoy the process to the max.

How to check if the buttocks are warmed up and ready for more? After 1-2 minutes of light spanking and rubbing, notice the skin color: a beautiful shade of light pink will be your green light.

Choose Your Type Of Spanking Play


Slapping a hand or a paddle against someone's booty is the epitome of spanking. Exciting, stingy, or full-on painful - spanking is a fine tool to put a dom/sub spin on your roleplay or introduce power play to your bedroom relationship or to perk up your erotic adventure with extra stimulation.

I Recommend

Have a butt plug inserted before starting the spanking crusade. When a paddle would land on the buttcheek, the plug inside will tremble and jiggle, stirring the sensations inside and outside into one mega-orgasm.


The many deliciously burning tails of a whip or a flogger can brush against your skin and bring explosive pleasure. Particularly stellar flogging feels of the back, bottom, and thighs. The pain of flogging is intense, so newbies should opt for a flogger made of soft materials, such as fur and suede, with tails with rounded ends.

I Recommend

Cover the eyes of spankee with a blindfold during the flogging session. The sensory deprivation will make them lose themselves to sensations, focusing on the arousing burning in the buttocks, making every touch more sensual.


The slender tip of the whips offers piercing sensations that surpass both the spanking and the flogging experiences. A riding crop would be an A-list choice for beginners - it's relatively safe and mild. A bull whip is a whole other level of pain, with a thrilling sound and an acute "cutting" sensations against the skin that advanced users would find easier to handle.

I Recommend

When playing with a crop, use it to caress the skin as well. Look for two-sided crops, with a fur-coated or velvety side for soft teasing.

Dedicate To Aftercare

The time after the session is equally as important as the erotic spanking itself. It is the time to relax and enjoy the intimate bond, to celebrate trust and shared experience. Kiss the hurt areas, massage them with cooling oils to bring heavenly feels and heal the skin.

How To Spank?

1. Best Zones For Erotic Spanking

  • Don’t spank the zone above the coccyx to avoid the trauma of internal organs
  • The "meatiest" part of the bum on the lower end is best for spanking
  • Tender zone under the buttocks requires soft and careful smacks

2. How Long To Spank

The harder and longer the bottom is stimulated, the redder it becomes. Lookout for the shade of the bum - it will give you a hint on what to do next.

Beige color. Beige or even pale skin color signals that buttocks are not prepared for sex spanking yet. Warm up the skin to get the circulation going and raise the sensitivity.

Rose color. Upon acquiring the savory rose color, the booty becomes well-massaged and ready for the main erotic spanking session. If you touch the pink bum, you will feel that skin in this zone is warmer than other body parts.

Scarlet color. After intense stimulation, the skin blushes to solid red, becoming extremely sensitive to touch. That is the literal red light - time to stop for aftercare to soothe the skin.

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