Hyperstimulation For Breathtaking Pleasure

New, unfamiliar ways of stimulation or light pain stress our nervous system, causing adrenaline and endorphin surge.
This hormone cocktail intensifies sensations and takes pleasure to new levels, you haven’t experienced before.


Weak electronic impulses force muscles to contract, imitating a mini-orgasm. The messages, they send to the brain, can create intense pleasure, when applied to the erogenous zones.

Shockingly Delightful E-stimulation

Temperature Play

The temperature difference tickles nerve endings, making the area more sensitive to stimulation. Glass toys become a whole new level of fun, when exposed to cold or heat.

Play Hot'n Cold with Glass


Sight deprivation forces you to rely on other senses, making you extremely sensitive to the touch and sounds.

Delightful Constraints

Impact Play

Even the slightest pain provokes release of endorphins and adrenaline, which in combination with pleasurable stimulation, deliver most intense and fulfilling Big O.

Explore Delightful Spanking

Super Powerful Toys

Intense vibrating patterns stimulate your nerve endings so aggressively that your brain becomes overwhelmed with sensations. When relief comes, your nerve system stops building up tension and releases your entire body.

Overwhelm your senses


Pumps are the best tools for boosting sensitivity, both, in men and women. These toys increase blood flow to the area, making it engorged and aroused, triggering heightened release.

Pump for Pleasure

Oversized Toys

A wider, thicker shaft creates pressure on the nerve endings, connecting to the C-spot or prostate, creating overwhelming sense of pleasure.

Bigger for Better