Tips For Intense Orgasm With Hyper

Adrenalin rises, the heart beats so fast, the breath breaks. Hyperstimulation with sex toys is a rare treat for anyone who likes it BIG. Big and intense orgasms are bound to overflow you once you try following our fabulous tips, so let's charge in!

1Warm It Up With Temperature Play

The difference in temperatures tickles your nerve endings, making the stimulated area super responsive and your experience super crispy. For the most exquisite and tantalizing tease try temperature play with a glass dong - cool it down, warm it up consequently - experiment and combine contrast temperatures for the highest degrees of pleasure.

2Experience Sight Deprivation

When you lose one of your senses, others become much acuter. To accumulate the explosive level of orgasmic sensations in one point, try to put a blindfold on your eyes to eliminate the sight from your sexual equation. Focus on flavors, sounds, sensual touching and feel how each caress that is usually taken for granted, now is triggering the start of uncharted orgasmic trip.

3Explore Delightful Spanking

Even a pinch of pain produces a spike of endorphins and adrenaline, which provokes an opiate-like response in the body. An intense spanking session will become your ultimate endorphin booster increasing your chances to get a series of cosmic Os during lovemaking.

4Spice The Things Up With

Subtle electronic impulses of E-stim toys force your muscles to contract, imitating a mini-orgasm. This type of stimulation can hold you in a pre-orgasmic state for hours, building up tension without letting you go, and then finally pushing you over the edge of an intense full-body climax.

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5Overwhelm Your Senses

Powerful sex toys with revved-up motors and various vibrating patterns stimulate your nerve endings so intensely you’ll barely be able to hold back the moans. The stronger vibrations the gadget produces - the more intense orgasm will overwhelm your body as you reach the peak.

6Opt For Vacuum Pumps

If you think that the single role of vacuum pumps is to help men become better lovers, it’s time to look at this unique tool in the new light. Vacuum creation in the erogenous zone is the best way to increase the sensitivity of hot spots for both men and women. Vacuum pumping boosts physical arousal by rushing the blood to the area, making it engorged and extra sensitive. Therefore, the more sensitive you are, the more intense will be your orgasm.

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7Push The Limits With Oversized Toys

As your erogenous zones are very receptive to pressure, one of the best ways to enjoy hyperstimulation is adding to your collection a dong with an extra inch. Oversized sex toys with a wider, thicker, and longer shaft create intense pressure on your nerve endings turning on all your pleasure buttons to orgasm mode. Add here deep psychological sense of satisfaction of being fully stretched, and you get a perfect formula for a toe-curling XXXL orgasm.

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