Temperature play with glass dildos

Glass dildos can become the magic wands of your sexual adventure. Do you like to "spice it up"? Then the temperature play is our cup of tea. Or ice tea? Get creative, follow the simple tips of our savvy guide and experience with different degrees of passion with your elegant glass willy.

Cool Temperature Play

Why Use A Cool Glass Dildo?
Cooled sensations are cool, huh? Especially when you're hot and bothered, a fresh bite feels like an erotic charge sent through your body. Nerve endings become ultra awake, goosebumps add a thrill, and sensations become crispy. Also, a brilliant way to blow off some steam between the rounds, to regain that fresh perception.

How To Cool Down A Glass Dildo?

  • take a bowl large enough to fit your dildo
  • fill it with cold water, add ice cubes into the water if you want it colder
  • put your glass toy in the bowl and wait for 10-15 minutes
  • test your cooled toy on forearm before using it


Don't ever use the freezer to cool off a glass dildo. When too cold, the toy can either be damaged itself or harm your skin.

Warm Temperature Play

Why Use A Warm Glass Dildo?

Hot. Hotter. The hottest. The filling of warmth makes us relaxed - and aroused. A warm sex toy can draw more blood to the spurred area, engorging it, feeling with aching pleasure.
Temperature play with warm glass dildos is a gateway to instant arousal and a heat wave of orgasms.

How To Warm Up A Glass Dildo?

  • take a bowl large enough to fit your dildo
  • fill a bowl with warm water that is not too hot
  • place your glass dong into the water for about 10 minutes
  • test it on your forearm before using it


Avoid warming up your glass dildo with boiling water - it’s the opposite of pleasure. Don’t warm the toys near the open fire - those are not marshmallows, and intense heating can lead to irreparable damage.

Don't forget that temperature play can unfold both inside and out. Grab glass toys to check the temperature of your pleasure with penetration.

Choosing Your Glass Dildo

Realistic Glass Toy

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If the rigidity of glass feels a bit off, choose this realistic glass dildo for your temperature escapade. Fulfilling texture, real-life balls, and shaft - all of these features will contribute to the experience, feeling more intense when cooled off and super soothing when warmed up.

Glass Dildo For G-spot

French kiss
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Aim for your sweetest orgasmic spot with an ergonomically shaped dong. The distinctive curve of this beautiful G-spot wand will tease and please the exact spot, giving you the power either to heat it up or to cool it off.

Double-ended Glass Willy

Blossom G
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The artsy design of this glass dildo is not merely for the looks - both sides are equipped with a delicious texture. Whether it’s hot or cold, you’ll be able to feel every nub and bump for super intense arousal.

Anal Glass Plug

Rose butt plug
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Your rear end is packed with ultra-sensitive nerve endings. So go ahead, give them a royal spur with a glass plug. Use it warm at first to ooze your backdoor to ecstasy, then switch to cooling for a mind-bending orgasmic chill.

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