The ABC of Electro Stimulation Toys

Electro Stimulation Toys ABCs

Feathers and floggers tickle, dildos push your buttons, vibrators add a thrilling buzz to sex play, but E-stim is a total game-changer. E-stim “electrifies” your erotic experiences, making the pleasure - and sometimes even the pain - shockingly good!

Getting started

Whether you’re a sex toy connoisseur, or just starting to explore new sexual adventures, electro-stim toys should always be approached with great care. Our introduction to electro stimulation covers all the basics. You’ll learn safety principles, as well as discover why the unique sensations these toys provide can be so totally amazing. Once you’ve got a solid understanding, you’ll be ready to test out some beginner-friendly models.


For those familiar with electrosex and its guidelines, an impressive range of erotic possibilities awaits you. You already know the earth-shattering thrills E-stim provides, so feel free to dabble with any "Advanced" toy to expand your pleasure horizons exponentially.

E-Stim for men, women, and couples

Essentially, there are no strict gender boundaries for electro-stimulation toys. The majority are equally enjoyable for men as well as women and can make superb add-ons to couples' play. However, due to certain constraints with regard to penetration, some toys are gender-specific. Select toys marked "Men’s Pleasure," "Women’s Pleasure," or "Couples' Pleasure" according to your personal play pursuits.

Electro-Stim Materials


Delivering the smoothest sensations, E-Stim toys made of fabric and leather are not designed for penetration, allowing for sensual, tactile exploration instead - making them extremely beginner-friendly.



More rigid than fabric, but not as demanding as steel, silicone E-stim toys are a perfect middle ground between the two. The tingling sensations provided by silicone E-stim devices are more intense than those of fabric toys, but even the highest settings rarely lead to painful experiences. This makes them perfect for preliminary experimenting with E-stim penetration when you’re not quite ready for a metal probe.



Supreme for deep and intense pleasure, steel toys conduct the most powerful electrical currents. They’re also much more weighty than other toys, delivering intense pressure to the body’s most sensitive spots. And, because they’re metal and can hold temperature, they provide options for a range of additional erotic sensations, including temperature play. To ensure proper electrical connectivity, water-based lube should always be applied to any body surface on which these toys will be used.


Remember to always apply water-based lube to the area before use to ensure connectivity.

Types of E-Toys

The controller

From scintillating start to fabulous finish, all things E-stim begin and end with a controller. A host of amazing attachments can be connected to this device (via wires) which powers the electrical impulses and regulates their intensity and patterns. Controllers are compatible with the majority of toys and are considered necessary equipment for exploring the ecstasies of E-Stim.

Outer stimulation

Pads [Beginner-friendly] [Couples' pleasure]

The simplest and most user-friendly electro-stim toys, pads are essentially sticky electrodes originally purposed for medical use that have been adapted to pleasure play. Primarily, the pads are designed to reduce pain, stimulate nerves, and contract muscles to relax the body. The sexual pleasure of E-stim pads builds slowly, and as they’re easily adjustable and can be applied to any body part, they’re a perfect way to begin exploring the pleasures of electrosex.

Nipple Toys [Beginner-friendly] [Women's pleasure]

Although men may also benefit from electro stimulation of the nipples, thanks to an additional layer of muscle between the electrode and the heart, E-stim is generally considered safer for women. While traditional clamps work by restricting blood flow, E-stim clamps tease nipples with current, making them extremely erect and sensitive. And, since E-stim clamps send electric impulses straight to the nipple, the sensations they deliver are much more intense than those of vibrating nipple clamps.

Love Rings [Advanced] [Men's pleasure]

Worn by men, but meant to please both partners, electro-stim penis rings are a serious step up from traditional vibrating bands. A smaller ring is placed over the penis shaft, while a larger one goes around the scrotum. When powered on, love rings deliver a tingling current that causes muscles to contract and ensures a steady level of arousal.

Handcuffs [Beginner-friendly] [Couples' pleasure]

Although bondage play as a whole may not be suited to beginners, when it comes to electrosex, it’s a gentle way of easing into a new experience. Since wrists and ankles are not as sensitive to electric stimulus as the genitals or breasts, even first-time E-Stim users can appreciate the tingling electric sensations.

Gloves [Beginner-friendly] [Couples' pleasure]

The ultimate beginner-friendly electro-stim toy, electro gloves are designed for massage and sensual touching enhanced by delicate electric impulses. The wearer doesn’t feel the current, but the person receiving the caresses experiences a soothing tingling sensation wherever the gloves come in contact with the skin.

Inner stimulation

Vaginal Sounds [Advanced] [Women's pleasure]

Long and slender, these vaginal probes are designed for vaginal stimulation minus the feeling of full penetration. The smooth steel glides in easily and sends delightful electrical impulses through the vagina, forcing it to contract, and initiating a continual feeling akin to pre-climax.

Probes [Advanced] [Couples' pleasure]

Well suited for women and men alike, the electro wand gives users an experience of tingling or sensuous, erotic pulsing, as blood is drawn to sensitive target areas, heightening arousal and sensitivity. Properly inserted, these probes can also induce Kegel contractions in both women and men.

Eggs [Advanced] [Women's pleasure]

E-stim eggs are a truly exciting toy for women. They’re a great option for practicing Kegels while enhancing the intensity of the contractions with electrical currents. Eggs are also small and discreet, making them an excellent choice for those who enjoy using their e-toys over extended periods of time to experience that famous erotic roller-coaster ride electro stimulation is so well known for.

Urethral Sounds [Advanced] [Men's pleasure]

Definitely a toy for connoisseurs, electro urethral sounds are designed to slide inside the urethra and remain there. Electric impulses cause pleasant contractions in the penis shaft, prolonging the state of arousal and postponing orgasm. Electro urethral sounds not only help men maintain erections longer but also allow for mastering the art of “edging” - a technique that keeps men on the verge of coming for as long as possible before climaxing in a heightened orgasmic state.

Backdoor Toys [Advanced] [Couples' pleasure]

Producing a tinglingly teasing experience, these expert level anal electro toys typically feature a tapered end, and may also be designed with a bulb or a special P-spot targeting curve. The electric current initiates contractions in the anal muscles, which in turn, intensifies arousal and imparts an exhilarating feeling of tightness and fullness.

Strap-ons [Advanced] [Couples' pleasure]

The number one toy for power-play and gender-bending scenarios, electro-stim strap-ons make any sexual adventure much more vivid. Employed in the same manner as a traditional dildo, these toys amp up your fun with electric currents in varying degrees of power - which can come in handy if a session turns kinky and someone needs a little “punishment.” Electro strap-ons also provide multiple patterns of e-stimulation, ensuring a whole new range of sensations that balance on that deliciously erotic borderline between pleasure and pain.