6 Cheeky Tips For Long-Term Butt Plug Wear

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Think back to your best sex session ever. How long did it last? An hour maybe? Prepare to blow that record out of the water. Butt plugs are awesome pleasure toys you can plug in for hours - or even full days or nights - of orgasmic stimulation. We’ve gathered some brilliant insights from our community members from EdenFantasys for this guide to explain the ins and outs of butt plugs: why you should definitely try one, how long you wear one, the joys and benefits of butt plugs. So, set your timer to orgasm and let’s plug in!

Why Wear Plugs Longer?

Let’s deal with the “duh” of butt plugs first. Plugs are designed to stay put and provide delicious stimulation for sexy times, whether you’re alone or with the one you love, but there’s no rule limiting butt plug wear to sex romps in the bedroom. In fact, many people agree that wearing one and venturing outside can be a truly “PLUGtastic” experience.

Walking feels really good because as the plug rocks back and forth in my butt the sensation often gives me a hard-on.

The sensation of constant low-key stimulation a plug provides can turn your day — or night — into an hours’ long erotic adventure. The subtle, delightful pressure a butt plug provides won’t interrupt your chores or keep you from getting a good night’s sleep, but it will definitely inject a shot of sexy fun into everything you do. Read on to discover the hottest reasons for wearing butt plugs long-term from those who’ve learned from personal experience, and discover just how big a turn-on a simple butt plug can be in this steamy discussion.

The longer you wear a butt plug, the more accustomed your muscles become to achieving and maintaining that stretched state, making it the perfect warm-up for a hot anal sex session with your significant other. Plug up in the morning, and by the time bedtime rolls around, you’ll be primed and ready to take on whatever sexy backdoor adventure your partner has in store for you.

And did you know that this kind of prolonged stimulation does wonders for the P-spot? As it snuggles firmly up your butt, every move you make causes the plug to wiggle inside your rectum, spurring a direct hit to all the sweet nerve endings in the prostate for men and the pudendal nerve for women.

Walking around the supermarket... feeling it moving in my butt, with no one knowing what's going on. I feel like such a dirty girl. It’s a huge turn-on.

As with any discreet sex toy, wearing a butt plug in public becomes your naughty little secret, a reminder of how nasty and lustful you can be. Think what it would be like to have one in while you’re at the office. You’re trying to keep a straight face during an important meeting, all the while knowing you’re plugged for pleasure. Or say you’re at the laundromat doing a load of wash and you have one in. You could lean against the dryer and let the vibrations rock you until you were ready to shoot another kind of load altogether. Pretty sexy, right?

How Long Can You Wear A Butt Plug?

The answer to that question, and really any question about sex, depends on the individual. Tolerance varies from person to person. A newbie most likely won’t be able to maintain constant wear as long as a pro. Knowing your tolerance level is critical to long-term butt plug wear.

How long a plug can be worn also depends on which plug you choose. We’ll get to the specifics about materials and sizing a little further on, but for now, let’s talk safety. There is a myth that prolonged butt plug wear can lead to unpleasant consequences, such as weakened anal muscles. First of all, to actually weaken one of the strongest muscles in the human body, you’d have to be plugged in non-stop, 24/7, for many months in a row. In the majority of cases, the sphincter always reverts to its natural tight state. Check out our contributors describing both the thrilling and fact-based findings they’ve gleaned from their personal experiences with long-term butt plug wear in this fascinating forum thread.

Upping The Safety Quotient

In any case, there are definitely things you can do to make your plugging session more safe — and more fun! Kegels are an awesome way to enhance the power of your pelvis and butt muscles. You can do these exercises before, during or after your butt plug session. It’s all good. If you do your Kegels with the plug inserted, it also delivers some pretty delightful sensations as the internal contractions jog and jiggle the toy inside you.

Now, when I use a plug, long- or short-term, I do Kegels to provide stimulation to my anus and P-spot.

Another important thing you should do is to pay attention to the calls of nature. Should you feel the urge to have a bowel movement, don’t ignore it. Unplug and go. You can easily wash up, lube up and put your plug back in your business end after the deed is done. Sometimes extended wear can lessen your sensitivity to your “gotta go” signals, so, just to be safe, it’s a good idea to remove the plug, re-apply lube and put it back every few hours. To explore some savvy long-term plugging techniques, check out some brilliant advice from our most experienced members in this smart discussion.

Have you ever worn a butt plug for longer than two hours?
74% Yes
74% of 3016 respondents have worn a butt plug for more than 2 hours
48% No
48% of 3016 respondents have not worn a butt plug for more than 2 hours

6 Tips On Plugging for the Maximum Time

Keep It Slippery

We never tire of preaching the benefits of lube. Since your butt has zero natural lubrication, smoothing the way for anything you insert is absolutely crucial. Extended wear calls for extended care. You should think of reapplying lube every two to three hours.

For anything bum-related, stick with thicker, longer-lasting lubes and avoid numbing potions at all costs since you must be able to listen to your body and understand the signals it sends you. Water-based lubricants dry out pretty quickly and tend to be a bit more messy, making them less than an optimum option for plug play. Check out a cautionary tale about runny lubes one of our community members faced in this awesome forum post. Believe us, you’ll be glad you did.

JO H2O warming anal lubricant
JO H2O warming anal lubricant
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Material Girl/Boy/Plug

Your long-term experience with plugs will rely heavily on the material of the one(s) you choose. Softer plugs without texture, preferably silicone, are smooth and silky and make an amazing option for novices because they allow you to get used to the sensations without being invasive. The weight factor also comes into play with plugs. Those made of silicone tend to be on the lighter side, meaning you will have to go the extra mile to keep one inside you.

Spade – advanced butt plug
Spade – advanced butt plug
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Metal and glass plugs, on the other hand, offer a more delicate yet slightly kinkier sensation. Being extremely sturdy, you’re constantly aware of their presence massaging and moving around inside you. The weight of metal and glass plugs impacts the wearing experience as well. Check out the story of a heavy metal plug one lady wore as she went out and about in the elevating "Heavy Metal Pacifier" descriptive review you’ll find here.

Weighted bubbles
Weighted bubbles
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Glass anal training system
Glass anal training system
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You’ll feel the weight of it every time you take a step. Mmm . . . what a pleasant thought that is.

Size Matters

The size of the plug you choose for extended wear will definitely depend on your prior experience. If you feel like a total noob, anything over 1, 1 ¼ inch in diameter is likely to feel way off. The more experienced you become, the larger the size of the plug you can comfortably accommodate in your bum as your muscles will be acclimated to the extra pressure. There’s no sense overdoing it. It’s best to start with something you’re comfortable with and build up to larger sizes over the course of time.

Booty toy
Booty toy
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Bigger plugs do make you much more aware of their presence than smaller ones, and can become uncomfy if you’re not used to the sensation. With smaller plugs, it’s the other way around. You can actually forget you’re wearing one at all. So it’s a matter of choosing between two pleasures. Experiment with several sizes to see which one suits your bum best. For inspiration, learn just how much one woman enjoyed having a beautiful but enormous plug up her bum for many hours with her first-person "Big Boy" descriptive review right here.

Train of delight
Train of delight
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Walking around and moving gave me the wonderful full stretched feeling that was exactly what I was looking for.

Ya BASE-ic

Few people actually stop to consider this, but, thankfully, one of our contributors was keen enough to bring the vital issue of the butt plug bases to our attention when considering long-term wear. The specific shape of your butt plug base can either make the whole extended experience a complete nightmare or a fabulous ride.

Not all butt plug bases are designed to have a proper function beyond that of safety.

Naturally, for safety reasons, a butt plug must have a base. Some bases are embellished with gems or shapes. Great for eye candy, but definitely not a comfortable option for long-term wear. The bulkier the base, the more uncomfortable it will become over time. Ringed bases, for example, are designed specifically for sexy sessions at home. Anywhere beyond the bedroom, they’re pretty much useless. Check out the examples and lots of cool info about the surest bet for plug base shapes in this thorough forum discussion.

For extended wear, a T-shaped plug with a narrow horizontal base, preferably a bit rounded near the tips, is going to be one of your best options. It’s a perfect shape that snuggles right between your buttcheeks. It stays hidden and doesn’t interfere with anything you might be doing, and it just might deliver some gorgeous perineum massage as you go about your day. Don’t take our word for it. Check out the experience with a T-shaped "Mood Plug" one of our contributors describes in this exhilarating review.

Vibro plug
Vibro plug
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Night Wear vs. Day Wear

There is a world of difference between plugging all day and plugging all night. During the day, chances are you move around a lot, even if you’re a desk jockey working an office job. The daytime is when practical things get done: running errands, doing chores, going to the gym, and so on. Every one of those activities can be all the more enjoyable if you’re getting a little posterior action as you’re doing them.

For day wear, a plug has to meet two important criteria: discretion and comfort. You might also want to take into account the level of stimulation they provide. It wouldn’t do to have to drop everything you’re doing to “rub one out,” or to find yourself in the throes of orgasm when your out shopping for groceries. For day wear, we advise sticking to smaller plugs made of metal or hard silicone that offer less distraction but still provide stimulation. Plugs with more girth are perfect for days spent hanging around the house. You can enjoy the added stretch and practice Kegels, intensifying your sensations, all at the same time.

Bootie – beginner butt plug
Bootie – beginner butt plug
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It is such a treat to wake up in the middle of the night feeling a little playful pressure on my prostate.

For night wear, however, we suggest taking a different approach. You want to feel the plug inside, but you don’t want it interfering with your favorite sleep positions. You also definitely don’t want it popping out in the middle of the night. We recommend a large, slender plug, preferably made of soft silicone or other pliable material for night time use. And don’t forget to choose a plug that has a truly trusty base — the bigger, the better. Explore the intricacies of sleeping with a plug in, plus get the scoop on safety issues and the sexy perks of nocturnal butt plugging in this sASSy forum thread.

Anal pleasure hands free twister
Anal pleasure hands free twister
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Would you rather wear your plug all night or all through the day?
57% Day
57% of 2290 respondents would stay plugged during the day
51% Night
51% of 2290 respondents would stay plugged during the night

Should It Buzz?

Now that we’ve covered most of the practical matters, it’s time to get down to a little nasty fun. Adding vibration will absolutely change your extended butt plug game. Robust or mild, pulsating or rotating beads, there’s a world of choices awaiting you. Picture yourself, remote control in hand, walking toward the most gorgeous anal adventure of your life. Pretty hot, huh?

How much vibration you go for will depend on your plans. If you’re going to work at a quiet office, having a joy buzzer secreted in your backside might not be the best idea. On the other hand, if you’re planning a sensual date and you have a partner you trust, letting him or her control the remote and channel through the levels of vibration would certainly add sexy spice to your evening. This kind of extended foreplay begins long before bed, and pretty much guarantees your night will end in a spectacular meteor shower of orgasms.

Rear charmer
Rear charmer
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What’s Your Plugging Scenario?

We’ve already touched on some fun butt plug scenarios for you to try out, so you likely have some great headstart on how you’d incorporate a plug in your everyday life. But just in case you’re looking for some more fun ideas on how to pair your personal schedule with long-term plug wear, investigate this forum discussion.

I like to wear one of my vibrating butt plugs on my way to work. Since getting them, my 25-minute commute has gotten a lot more interesting.

At Work

Your work days will never be the same once you go plugged up. Whether you wear a plug on your way to work and remove it once you arrive or keep it inside you throughout your nine to five, everything you do will be enhanced by your little private pleasure buddy. If your job requires physical exertion rather than desk duties, a smaller, softer plug is a better choice. You’ll still be aware that it’s there, but it won’t chafe, even if you don’t have a chance to re-apply lube. Also when selecting undergarments to complement your butt plug, remember whatever you choose has to cover the base of the plug and hold it firmly in place. Our contributors offer an abundance of witty tricks and tips on how to wear a butt plug to the office or any other errand in this remarkable forum thread - check it out.

At Home

Vacuuming, laundry, washing dishes. What could be more boring, right? But wearing a butt plug as you do your daily chores can be a total game changer. Suddenly “ho-hum” becomes “Oh, yum!” Exercising can be a very special treat as well, although you do have to take care that your plug stays put during very active routines! Even lounging and chilling and web surfing can take on a new invigorating twist. Wearing a plug at home has its perks. You don’t have to worry about it popping out. Underwear is less of a concern, and you can always do a little diddling, keeping yourself on the edge of orgasm with that constant feeling of arousal.

Out ’n’ About

Certainly, when a date starts with a sex toy, it’s bound to be good. Dates should always be fun, so we think your best bet for a date-night butt plug would be something that’s playful and can be toyed with by one or both of you.

With my hubby knowing I am wearing a toy, just to be replaced by him later that evening, it keeps us both steaming hot all evening and actually hotter as the night wears on.

Maybe choose something with a pronounced base that can be touched “accidentally” through your clothing as you sway on the dance floor. Or pick a remote-controlled vibration your honey can unexpectedly buzz right before you take a bite of that delicious steak or are about to hit the downs slope on a roller coaster ride. No matter which date scenario you choose, you can be sure that by the end of the night, you’ll be super ready for any anal play that comes along before you say your goodnights.

Getting It On While Having It In

Need I add that the sexual activities are also fun?

We’ve already covered how cool butt plugs are for stretching, and how relaxed, ready, and naughty they make you feel. When a woman wears a plug during sex, penetration reaches a whole new level. The plug actually accentuates the G-spot, lifting it toward the penis to allow a sweeter and more accurate aim. Having one in also creates an illusion of double penetration, which is a highly erotic trigger for many women. The mental imagery combined with the feeling of being extremely stretched and ever so full is the stuff that mind-blowing orgasms are made of.

And then there’s kink. If you're into a power play, wearing a butt plug for a long time might not strictly be by choice. It might be obeying an order. For a Sub, following your Dom’s directives is an extremely sexy and rewarding thing, and since extended butt plug wear is a treat already, being commanded to wear one is a win-win for both parties.

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