How To Prepare For Anal Sex And Make It Peachy

How To Prepare For Anal Sex
And Make It Peachy

Anal sex doesn't hurt. Haters gonna hate, but let us tell you - when performed correctly, anal sex can be one of the fabulous sex treats you've ever experienced. You need to be patient, determined and super horny. Now, don't lose another minute and learn how o prepare for anal sex and enjoy it to bits.

Get Ready

It's hardly more prep than you're going to do before any other sex type, but getting ready for the bum stuff takes a bit more thoughtfulness. From choosing the right sex lube to knowing your butt plugs' sizes - it all can come in handy.

Come Clean

  • Keep one eye on your diet at all times. Lots of fiber will do wonders for your backdoor hygiene.
  • A usual shower before anal sex is enough. A couple of baby wipes won't hurt, too.
  • The rectum is meant for "passage", not "storage," so it has no left-over matter. And if there is some, we all grown-ups and we know what we're getting into.
  • The use of a douche is optional and depends on your personal preference. There is definitely no need for enema - those things are hardcore and make sense only for hours-long sessions.

Stock Up On Lube

  • Never attempt anal play without lube. Your bum-bum has zero natural lubrication, and saliva or work would only make things. You don't want friction, you want a silky smooth slip-in.
  • Use special anal lubes with a thicker consistency. When preparing for anal sex, don't be afraid to use a lot.
  • Avoid numbing lubes for butt play. You have to be aware of all the signals your body might send you to keep your experience safe and enjoyable.

Stretch It

  • Take it slow. You don't wanna rush it - give your sweet tight muscles some time to readjust.
  • Use your hands or a toy to massage the buttocks and around the anus in order to ease into it, get your bumhole accustomed to sensations.
  • Once ready, move on to penetration. Begin with a finger, then take it up with gradually sized toys.

EdenFantasys recommends:

Try the toys that just stay in place first - and make thrusting your next level.

If you have any worries or fears, talk to your partner before starting to prep for anal. If you will be in this together, ready to take care and laugh it off, you're in for a real treat.

Start The Play

Foreplay is what turns good sex into great sex, it's a delicious appetizer to get your blood flowing and your sweet bits burning. For the main course as lavish as anal sex, your foreplay has to be 100% orgasmic, ultra relaxing and explosively arousing.

  • Get or give at least one or two orgasms before knocking the backdoor to build up the senses.
  • This is the time to take out the sex toys and other enhancers - to raise the bets and intensify passion. Check out moan-inducing vibrators for her and super handy masturbators for him.
  • A foreplay that's going to last at least 20 minutes will be a fantastic jumpstart. Throw in a lot off "around the butt" action to woo your partner emotionally and physically.
  • Try a little "salad tossing", also knows as good old rimming, to make your partner's bud go in full bloom. BTW, here are all the insights on how to rim.

Simple Nipple Tweezers

Pearl charmer rimming plug
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If you're not a rimming guru yet, you can bet on anal toys with superb features. This dang cool plug imitates the rimming sensation with multiple rows of revved-up rotating beads - no one can pass on that.

Try Everything

The anus is an intensely nerve-rich area, so it makes anal sex a terrific playground for loads of various stimulation types. Get creative, change sex positions, try different sex toys: there are anal vibes, anal beads, even e-stim - it's a literal candy store!

Check out butt plugs

Sweet love
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Butt plugs are fun. Being the most common anal sex toy, they still remain a #1 favorite. You can play around with the materials, choose sizes, opt for futuristic features. Plugging for a few hours before preparing for anal sex is super smart - that way your muscles will be long hot and ready. Learn how to plug in for hours.

Get a grip of roleplay

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Animal roleplay is super cute and very primal - just like anal itself. Butt plugs that feature realistic tails make gorgeous props for animal play. Having a tail greenlights meowing, scratching, and biting during orgasm - moreover, it's very much welcome.

Keep your butt-distance

Booty thruster
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Booty play can be a wonderful shared experience. Plugs with remote-controlled motors open up the doors of your bedroom, taking butt grabbing to a whole new level of awesome, extending your play to your walks, dates, grocery trips.

Try anal beads

Sensuous silicone anal beads
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The art of "beading off" has a special ring to it. It's the pinnacle of couple's play, requiring a strand of beads to be gently inserted bead by bead, and then pulled out by your partner at the edge of an orgasm. Learn how to "bead off" with our savvy anal beads guide. Now that's a rush, wow.

How 'bout some prostate massage?

P-spot stir
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They say a prostate massage a day keeps the doctor away - not entirely true, but still really cool. Regular P-spot play does improve your health, but firstly it introduces you to a whole new type of pleasure, intensified, supercharged, the one you can drown in.

Ride a suction cup dildo

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Going anal thrusting is a bold move, but boy is it a delightful one. Sensual thrusting with a realistic shaft - that has a lot of moaning potential. Plus the suction cup makes these dildos super safe and good for anal, securing the toy from getting lost. Check out these sweet suction cup riding positions right now.

Kink it up with e-stim

Elektra plus plug
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If you really want to turn it up, there's no other way to go rather than e-stim. Electro-stimulation toys send abrupt impulses to you funny bits, creating a feeling of orgasm wave running over your body again and again and again. Find out more on e-stim anal play in this electrifying guide.


Let's bust it right now - you can orgasm during anal sex. Thanks to the magnificent pudendal nerve that pierces our whole pelvis, we are wired for pleasure from any side imaginable. PS - just don't forget the lube.

  • With enough girth, the G-spot can be stimulated from behind for some rich satisfaction.
  • By adding penetration in front, you get a delightful feeling of fullness and a remarkably realistic DP experience.
  • Adding clitoral stimulation to anal penetration will give you the same beautiful blended orgasm a G+C formula brings - maybe even a more intense one.
  • P-spot massage can result in so-called "dry orgasms" that can last for long minutes and come one after another.

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