The golden rule of anal play is to go slow. So no rush, prepare your mind and body thoroughly, and remember to enjoy.

Get Ready

Come Clean

  • A shower before anal sex is enough.
  • The rectum is meant for "passage", not "storage," so it has no left-over matter.
  • The use of a douche is optional, and depends on your preference.

Stock Up On Lube

  • Never attempt anal play without lube.
  • Use special anal lubes with thicker consistency.
  • Avoid numbing lubes for butt play. You have to feel the signals of your body.


  • Take it slow.
  • Use your hands or a toy to massage the buttocks and around the anus.
  • Once ready, move on to penetration. Use a finger or gradually sized toys.

Start The Play


Foreplay is the key to mind-blowing sex. Before penetration, the person on the receiving end should be fully relaxed and totally aroused.


  • Bring your lover to orgasm, so that the feeling of euphoria will already be present.
  • Use toys and sensual enhancers to relax and arouse.
  • Extended foreplay and "close-to-the-butt" action will prepare your lover physically and emotionally.
  • Try teasing the anus with tongue - the practice is known as "rimming".

Try Everything

The anus is an intensely nerve-rich area, so it's a perfect playground for many types of stimulation. Get creative, change positions, try different toys: vibrators, dildos, beads, plugs, and e-stim... The list goes on and on - and so does the pleasure!


You can orgasm during butt play. Anal sex can be immensely pleasurable, especially when those participating are relaxed and well-lubricated.


  • With enough girth, the G-spot can be stimulated from behind.
  • P-spot massage can induce powerful orgasms.
  • Added sensations during anal sex make backdoor climaxes even more intense and pleasurable than the traditional variety.