Guide To Suction Cup Dildos: Best Positions And Sex Toys

Explore how to get hands-free pleasure with suction cup dildos and enjoy a dildolicious orgasmic ride.

What Is A Suction Cup Dildo?

A suction dildo has a round base that "sucks" upon a flat surface, sticking to it firmly, allowing you to boink around as much as you wish. Suction cup sex toys are magic tools that make unimaginable angles and exciting stimulation possible.

How To Use Suction Dildos?

Sexy Rodeo

Just stick it to the floor! The most basic position is kneeling. So get on your knees and ride the dildo. You can use your hands for extra stimulation or additional support.

The Wallflower

Press your suction dildo against a smooth wall, close to the floor. Get on your fours, and gently push toward it. That's doggy style - in your personal style.

The Wallflower

Shower Power

Get in the shower and get steamy! A nice suction cup dildo holds perfectly on tiles even in hot water. Bend all the way down from the waist and penetrate yourself by pushing onto the toy.

Shower Power

A Win-Win

While performing oral on your partner, don't cut yourself off pleasure. Attach your suction cup dildo to a wall or a floor and enjoy ecstatic stimulation.

A Win-Win

Lap Dance

Attach your suction dildo to a chair and give it a "lap dance." Slide up and down, flexing your knees, or just sit comfortably on the chair for deeper thrusts.

Lap Dance

Swinging Os

When you're craving for extra realistic action, attach the suction cup dildo to the door, bend down beside it and "open the door" of outstanding orgasms.

Choose Your Type Of Suction Dildo:

Vibrating Suction Cup Dildo

Vibrating suction dildos offer a large variety of vibration, rotation, and speed modes that guarantee additional stimulation leading to explosive climaxes in no time.

Non-realistic Suction Dildo

Euphoria G
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Non-realistic dildos are toys with a non-phallic shape that often have whimsical design and color. It's a perfect choice for those who want to add a new gamma of emotions in their riding experience while keeping it unintimidating.

Suction Cup Anal Dildo

Booty thruster
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Suction cup dildo for anal is the most comfortable and safe tool - a hands-free option is just a pleasant bonus. For the best experience, choose one that has a flared well-sticking base and a smooth non-porous material for easy cleaning.

Suction Cup Dildo For G-spot

Player 8"
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Using a suction dildo is the easiest way to achieve G-spot orgasm, as there is no better control of angle and speed than riding enables. To easily reach the G-spot, choose a slightly curved model made from firm silicone for more intense stimulation.

Double Penetration Suction Dildo

Dual ended realistic vibrator
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A suction cup dildo designed for DP features two realistic shafts you can ride simultaneously. Feel the delicious fullness in both your rear end and vagina, control the rhythm and experience the most powerful blended orgasms.

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