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Valentine's Day Gift Guide: Simple, Sexy, Fun Edition

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Valentine’s Day is one of the most complex, pressure-laced holidays, gift-giving wise. You’re set up to believe you can’t just pop off to the market and grab any old thing to take back to your romantic interest.

  Sensual Foreplay – Essential Fun

The Sweetheart Chocolate Box, Hot Lips Pasties Set, The Stuff that Cupid Dips His Arrows In Bubbles and Shower Gel, Something Blue Heart Pasties and The Sweetheart Strawberry Box

Touch, taste, smell, sight, focus on feeding the senses with sensual delights…the possibilities here are endless. A warm, sexual, candle-lit bubble bath, a playful body massage …that involves not just touch, but taste and smell…

A couple’s bubble bath should start with Not Soap Radio’s The Stuff that Cupid Dips His Arrows In Bubbles and Shower Gel. Infused with “ginseng and passion,” this fragrant potion is said to give fate a helping hand by giving your pheromones a natural boost. Ginseng is said to increase sex drive, vitality, energy level and sexual confidence. This is the perfect place to begin a night of passion.

Skip the clichéd box of chocolates and go with a chocolate massage. Kama Sutra’s Sweetheart Chocolate Box comes with Chocolate Crème Brulee Body Souffle, Chocolate Body Paint and a paint brush and Chocolate Honey Dust and a feather duster all wrapped up in an adorable heart-shaped box. Everything is edible and if chocolate’s not your thing, the Sweetheart Strawberry Box is just as tasty.

  Time to Turn Up the Heat

The Coquette Corset with Ruffle Trim, The Silcone Bendable Rose Massager, The LELO Mona, The G4 Tiger and The Sexy Babydoll and Panty Set.

It’s time to flirt a little, set the mood, get playful, tease your partner with what’s to come. You’ve both been massaged into a fully-relaxed, sensual haze. You’ve had some fun writing explicit phrases across your lover’s skin. It’s time to dress the part or get a little naughty. What’s your idea of naughty? Some pretty or playful lingerie? A pretty glass dildo? A vibrator? These are some favorite ways to turn up the heat.

Try some adorable heart-shaped pasties. Most noteworthy with the impending holiday is the Hot Lips Pasties Set by Bristol 6. Made of nylon with adhesive backing, they come with two different sets. One’s black with sexy red kisses and the other is solid red. They stay on no matter how hot things get. And if you’ve chosen to get married on this romantic holiday, we’ve got your Something Blue.

Take it a step further, wrap yourself (or your partner) in pretty ruffles with a Corset with Ruffle Trim or Sexy Babydoll and Panty Set with underwire support by Coquette. Both are sexy, flattering, and come in a wide variety of sizes to fit most body types.

You can bring the traditional gift of flowers straight into the bedroom (and this one will last far longer than any hothouse flower) with the Silcone Bendable Rose Massager a sexy, fun take on the long stemmed rose, but don’t worry, thorns are not included.

Maybe you’re looking for something hard and hearted? A beautiful piece from SSA Glass called the Heart Wand will charm its way into your sex life with the gorgeous red hearts and “Love” scrawled around the shaft. Pop it into the fridge or a glass of warm water if you’re looking to indulge in a bit of temperature play. It’s not too big, not too small and just adorable enough to be great for beginners.

For those looking to splurge on a bit of luxurious pleasure, the LELO Mona and the Fun Factory G4 Tiger are exquisite choices bound to bring bliss to your evening. The Tiger is waterproof (remember that bath you have planned?), both are rechargeable and made with body-safe materials.

  Feeling Adventurous? Experiment!

The Omega Cock Ring, O2 Crush Dildo, The Joque Harness, The Mustang Dildo and The Pure Plug Medium

It’s a special occasion and for you, perhaps the perfect time to indulge in that special fantasy you’ve been thinking about. You may be reluctant to try anal play or pegging out of fear they will be uncomfortable — but the toys we have in mind are elegantly designed with your absolute comfort in mind — so take the plunge... no pun intended.

Lasting love is symbolized with a ring, but we’ve something in mind other than enduring love when we recommend the Omega from Gear Essentials. This stainless steel beauty is half an inch thick and rounded off at every curve so it won’t pinch or dig or scrape. It’s just solid enough to know it’s there without being obtrusive — luxurious pleasure designed to last forever!

Ready for some anal play? The p-spot and g-spot stimulators from Njoy are an ideal place to begin. The Pure Plug Medium and Pfun are made from solid stainless steel. Their sophisticated and elegant design are constructed with your natural curves in mind. The base is reminiscent of a handle, making it easy to control.

The next step in anal play, pegging, is a great excuse for giving a harness as your Valentine’s Day gift. Whether giving or receiving, the Joque Harness by SpareParts is exceptionally comfortable. It’s made of nylon and spandex, making it super soft and stretchy and preventing irritation from the straps. It holds just about any penis you’d like from the traditional to the more interesting.

  Play That Funky Music…

Boa Pleasure Ties, Heart Topped Crop, Jaguar Cuffs, the Roses Flogger, and Silicone Mask and Ball Gag Set

For those of you who are all about the slap and tickle, or maybe you’re all about the whips and chains. Nothing scares you, you’re ready for …everything? We’ve got some great gift possibilities for you, too! Whether you’re living on the edge, or just beginning, these toys will satisfy those kinky urges in you and your partner, no question.

If you prefer the thorns with your roses, theRoses Flogger from Ruff Doggie Styles is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The leather falls are heavy and well made. The roses are beautifully twisted. If you’re looking for some thud, this whip has it in spades. You can also try the Heart Topped Crop from Spartacus if you like your sessions with a little more sting!

Tie your lover up with these beautifully crafted silk Boa Pleasure Ties from LELO. Sensual and soft, they enhance the beauty of any captive while holding them firmly in place without the worry of leaving any marks behind. If you’re looking for something a little more sturdy to be sure your sensual slave does not escape, the Jaguar Cuffs from ASLAN leather are sure to keep them locked up.

Maybe you’re just looking to keep them from seeing what you’re doing or keep them quiet while you’re doing it. If that’s the case, give this Silicone Mask and Ball Gag Set by Pipedream a try. It’s easy-on, easy-off clasps make putting these on super simple so you can get right into the thick of it. Just make sure when you truss up your pet you keep an eye out to make sure they’re always having fun. Safety first!

Whatever you fancy, remember it doesn’t have to be hard to make it a memorable night for both of you. Tantalizing, teasing, tormenting each other to a tremendous finish that leaves both of you content and sated is the ideal way to Valentine’s Day unforgettable!


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