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A Natural Miracle

I've spent a lifetime suffering from problems caused by lube. Before Eden, I didn't know I had other options. I didn't even know what ingredients were causing the irritation. Turns out, both glycerin and parabens were a problem for me. After trying a few different Sliquid lubes, Organics Natural has become a fast favorite. It has just the right amount of glide to feel natural. It never feels sticky or greasy and absorbs nicely into skin. This has been a miracle in a bottle for me.
Great for sensitive users
Feels natural
No taste
May not last long enough for everyone
May not be thick enough for everyone
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Sliquid Organics Natural is a body safe lubricant. It can be used for sex or with toys, including silicone ones as its water based, to make for a better all around experience. Lube allows for easier insertion as well as for a nicer glide for thrusting. Lube is a must have in every toy box.

This lube could be used for vaginal or anal use, but is probably best suited for vaginal as it isn’t as thick as most lubes that are specific to anal. It is made of organic ingredients and contains no parabens or glycerin so it’s safe for even the most sensitive of users. You should, of course, still check the ingredient listing for potential allergies or sensitivities.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

Organics Natural texture is that of a thick water. It’s not the runniest lube I have run across but it’s not the thickest either. It’s not quite a gel, but it’s not so thin that I would classify it as watery. It is thin enough that if I pour it in my hand it will start to spread down my fingers quickly. It will stay in a circular glob for a few moments and then begin to thin out and run along my fingers. Here you can see different stages of movement in the lube, as well as get a feel for the consistency of the product:

It took 51 seconds for a pea sized drop placed on the back of my hand to drip off when held upside down. So it will run around a good bit, as you can see in the photos, but it isn’t so thin that it will drip all over the place. Unless you dilly-dally around completely, this will stay where you put it pretty well in that sense. It may run to the sides a little, but it won’t come off completely.

The feel to the skin is slick. It is not greasy in any way. It feels somewhat similar to some very light hair gels I have tried in the past, but I cannot think of which ones off the top of my head. Not the heavy hair gels that make your hair all crinkly, but the light style ones that just have a bit of a light gel feeling when you rub them in your hands.

When this dries, it absorbs into the skin nicely. I rubbed this into my hand (which took under a minute for less than a pea sized amount rubbing vigorously) and the area I rubbed it into does not feel any different than the surrounding areas that did not have lube applied. There’s no flaking of the skin or weird texture. It doesn’t leave a greasy or slimy feeling.

The consistency of this makes it easy to get out of the bottle. I have never had any trouble dispensing exactly the amount of product I wanted to.

Taste / Aroma

I really did not want to taste this for the review. I hate the taste of lube so much. It makes me absolutely sick. However, just for you guys, I sucked it up and tried this. It tastes like nothing. It’s like putting thick water in your mouth. I licked it over and over trying to discern some type of flavor and couldn’t taste a thing.

The smell reminds me of the oil section of Whole Foods. It smells like organic floral oils. Now, I don’t smell this when I use it. I only even know this because I opened the bottle to sniff it for purposes of writing this. Even when the bottle is opened and your nose is in it, the fragrance is light. It does smell wonderful. I kinda wish I could smell it when I used it. It’s a relaxing smell, almost like an aromatherapy oil.


How you feel about the performance of this is going to depend on if you like really thick lubes or not. Sliquid makes a similar product called Organics Gel that’s a thicker version. So if you happen to like thick lubes, that will probably feel like the better performer of the two for you. For me, the Gel version felt a little too thick and unnatural. To me, this one felt more like the natural lubrication I produce. It was just the right amount of slickness and just the right amount of glide. It wasn’t too runny but it wasn’t too thick either.

In terms of how long it lasted, it seemed to depend on how I was using it. With my toys, I got a much longer life. I was often able to use this for over forty-five minutes without having to reapply so long as I didn’t switch out to a new toy. If I did use a new toy, at that point I would need to reapply to get that toy inserted. I have a hard time inserting things sometimes, so that might not be the case for you.

During sex, this seemed to last about half that time. We could get around twenty minutes of use with one application before needing to reapply. There’s a fairly large margin of error here based on how much lubrication I was producing at the time. Some nights we would apply once and that would be enough to last the night and some night this seemed to last less than the twenty minutes for one reason or another. So I’m averaging it out to twenty minutes.

Cleanup of this product is simple - warm water will do the trick. If you want to be extra certain you can use a gentle (body safe) soap along with the water.

There’s two things I think I love best about this product. The first is the way it feels. This is, out of the many lubes I’ve tried, the best feeling one to me. I like the level of slickness it provides and the consistency. It happens to work for me, though I know it may be a little more watery than some will like.

Even better than that, it does not cause me any irritation! I have struggled with irritation from lubes my whole life and had resigned myself to yeast infections and burning when I had to use them. With the introduction of the Sliquid line into my sex life, I’m able to use lube as often as I want to without that problem. It’s been nothing short of a miracle for me.


There’s no external packaging to the product, simply the bottle itself. It’s a brown bottle like you see on some vitamins. It looks like glass but it’s actually plastic. The front says “Sliquid Organics Botanically Infused” and then “glycerin & paraben free” and “natural intimate lubricant.” It has a floral design with the female symbol in it. The side has some key points about the product on it, including that this is 100% vegan friendly, that it is latex free, rubber friendly, and plastic friendly. It also lists the ingredients. The other side has a little blurb about Sliquid in general as well as some info on the lotus flower they use in the design.

The container I have is 4.2 fl oz. You can also get this in 8.5 fl oz or a tester size of .17 fl oz.

The only bad thing I will say about the packaging is that it’s very hard to tell how much lube is left with the dark plastic. I can’t really see through it, so I have no idea if I’m almost out or not. I have to go by weight and I really suck at doing that.

In terms of discretion, this looks like it could be just about any household object. Unless you go to read the printing, I don’t think anyone would assume this was a lube.

Special Features

The ingredients are:

Purified Water, Plant Cellulose (from Cotton), Aloe Barbadensis*, Natural Tocopherols (Vitamin E), Cyamopsis (Guar Conditioners), Extracts of Hibiscus*, Flax*, Green Tea* & Sunflower Seed*, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid (Citrus Fruits)

*Certified Organic

All ingredients are vegan.

Note again that this is a water based lubricant, not silicone based. This means it is safe to use with silicone toys.

Plant Cellulose - The structural component of the primary cell wall of green plants. Thickener.

Cymopsis - Guar gum belongs to legume family. Self-hydrating guar that offers thickening and conditioning without buildup.

Potassium Sorbate - Potassium salt of sorbic acid. Preservative.

Personal comments

This is my most highly recommended lube unless you really need a very thick lube. In that case, I would recommend the Sliquid Organics Gel. I use that one, but not nearly as much as this one. This also won't last as long as a silicone lube will or as long as the Gel version.

I hate writing lube reviews, guys. The only reason I decided to suck it up and do this one is because I really wanted to be able to recommend this to everyone. This has made my life so much better and everyone should give this lube a shot. For sensitive users especially, this is one amazing product.


As I mentioned, I’ve had lube issues. I never knew why, I just knew lubes gave me yeast infections, UTIs, and made me burn. After coming to Eden, I learned that the likely culprit was glycerin. I switched over to Pink Water and the yeast infections stopped. Huh. Who knew?

Pink Water worked okay for a while. It wasn’t the best lube, but I was infection free so I was happy. The problem was that I was still having burning issues. I didn’t understand. There was no glycerin. Now what was the issue. Luckily, as always, Eden had the answer. Parabens. Seems I’m sensitive to everything.

After doing some research on brands, I decided upon Sliquid. I bought a few of their lubes (Silk, Organics Gel, Sea, and Organics Natural, Swirl). Organics Natural is by far my favorite of the ones I have tried. It feels the most like my natural body and is the most comfortable for me to use. It may not last as long as the Gel version does, but it feels better to me and I find that to be more important than the length of time it lasts. You can always apply more if needed.

Best of all, since I have started using this line in general, I have not had one infection. Not one yeast infection. Not one UTI. And not one sex session has been stopped from a searing burning feeling caused by parabens in a lube. I never knew something so life changing could come in such a small bottle.
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