Giving Nature a Hand

This was like being handed a bottle of my own natural fluids to use at will and in as great of quantity as I want for as long as I want. Not only are the ingredients and bottle "green" but the lube is a delightful experience whether hands, toys, or both are involved. It smooths the way and is also an enjoyable sensual experience in itself apart from and in addition to the ease with which it allows toys and fingers to move and stimulate and explore.
natural look, feel, and performance; gentle on sensitive skin; easy clean-up
pump dispenser for ease of use when juggling lubed fingers, toy, and the bottle itself
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I would use this any time you need (or would enjoy, although I'd say the two can be the same thing) extra lubrication without a risk of staining and without the need for the lube to be waterproof or provide extra buffering (as with the lubricants, including some of Sliquid's other products, designed specifically with anal sex in mind). It is also ideal if you are looking for a vegan and/or organic product, as well as for those looking to avoid glycerin (potential yeast-infection causer) and standard ingredients such as parabens, either due to health concerns over safety or due to known irritation at their use in personal care products.
    • Masturbation
    • Sex

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This lube is very close in appearance to my natural fluids for much of the month, clear and thin without being absolutely runny. It still flows fairly easily but is not a problem to dispense or apply, although the smaller bottle size likely makes handling easier and a dispenser pump might be neater in usage than trying to snap the lid down after having dispensed lube onto one set of fingers and sometimes also a toy. Still, I ended up with next to no mess on the bottle and none anywhere but the body parts and toys involved in my actual usage of the lube, and the lube stays in place well (although of course if you dispense some on to the top of a toy it will start to run down but once that is distributed it has good staying power, at least with the velvet-textured plastic and velvet cote vibes I tested it with) and does not end up with an unpleasant feel to it even after it starts to dry.

Taste / Aroma

Next to no discernable aroma, even when I tried sniffing directly at the bottle instead of a dispensed amount and what I can detect is not unpleasant. It also does not have a specific scent that I can pin down so it is not distracting either.
    • Light smell
    • No smell


Reapplication was necessary, but this was due both to slight original stinginess and to spending almost an hour using two separate toys to test out both them and the lube (in the name of thoroughness, of course, although also pleasure). A large amount was still never required and it is easily reactivated with water or with one's own natural fluids of whatever type is available (vaginal, in my case, though saliva would also work well). Clean up of both myself (genitals and hands) and my toys was extremely easy, requiring very little time with a wet cloth or soap and water for the body parts involved and slightly more with cleansing wipes for my toys but still only the work of a minute or two and that was with needing to clean off menstrual fluid in addition to the lube.
    • Feels natural


Attractive packaging that does not call attention to itself and bottle size that is easy to handle during use and reapplication and easy to store, especially is discretion is necessary (I can easily set it upright in my sock drawer and close it without the top catching on anything). Dispenser top snaps open and closed which keeps the lube securely inside and keeps it from drying out, although I do recommend snapping it open and closed at least once to get used to handling it before your hands are no longer clean and dry. The bottle is also coloured to help protect it from the light in case you leave it out in the open, which is possibly, especially with the attractive but not obvious label art.
    • Discreet looking packaging
    • Does not leak
    • Travel friendly

Personal comments

I tend to have very sensitive skin which is lovely from a sensation point of view but when it comes to any type of personal product it can be very difficult for me to find anything that does not cause a reaction and that actually does its intended purpose and hopefully well. My actually enjoying it is an added bonus, but functionality and no adverse reactions tend to take priority over attractive packaging, scents, and so forth. I finally have my bar soap, shampoo, and conditioner and not at great cost and now I have my lube as well. My original plan was to buy and try the Sliquid H20 but since it was out of stock I did a product compare and decided on the Sliquid Organics instead. I am not at all disappointed and after my long lovely cramp-reducing and pleasure-bringing test session I am quite pleased indeed. No negative reaction at the time or hours afterwards and it was a delight to use, including with two different toys and while I am menstruating and trying to engage in a bit of DIY pain relief and want to make sure things go as smoothly as possible.
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