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Nice, But No Slip 'N' Slide

This is a decent lube, but I wouldn't recommend it for heavy use. It's got awesome ingredients, with absolutely no cleanup required, but it's going to be relegated to, "For getting started only," status in my toybox since it dries too quickly to be used for prolonged use.
Leaves my skin soft; absorbs completely with no cleanup. A++ ingredient list, and it travels well.
Need reapplication every twelve seconds.
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Sliquid's Organics Natural line is a line of lubricant that's totally body-safe. With partially organic components, this lube is vegan friendly and plant approved, free of petroleum, glycerin and parabens: that's right, this is perfect for those of us who fear for our Ph balance. You can use this lube however you'd like--for oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, or any other sex you can think of: the only limit is the size of your bottle.

Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity

This lube is moderately thin, and fairly runny, as is par for the course for a water-based lubricant. Because it's runny, it pours out easily--but not too easily. If you turn the pouch upside down, the lube doesn't run out unless you squeeze it, so you shouldn't have an unpleasant surprise. The lube isn't greasy, sticky, or any of the terrible things water-based lubes can be: it's nothing but smooth and soft.

Organics does get frothy when a lot of friction is applied--it's not as bad as some (I'm giving you the stank eye, Aqua) but it's one of the only lubes this has occurred with. By frothy, what I mean is that it gets a white, foamy/frothy/bubbly look to it, similar to ejaculate or elmer's glue. It wasn't very noticeable, but it does happen, so bear that in mind.

Taste / Aroma

The first thing I do with any lube is give it a good taste test, so I tore open the package, smeared it across the back of my hand and licked. It tastes... like nothing. When you give it a good lick, there is a very light taste, but I can't even compare it to anything; it just tastes like nothing. Granted, I wouldn't want to go on and chug a bottle of it, but if it was between dying of thirst and sips of sliquid, I'm good with the sliquid.

It also is completely odorless, so you won't have a funky scent to be bothered by hours after playtime.


Performance kind of depends on what you're using it for. It is fairly slick, and it does a great job of providing frictionless motion, but if you don't get right to work, it will dry up within a minute, leaving you frustrated and needing to reapply. After it dries, though, you can reactivate it a little with a little more liquid (either saliva or more lube). If you're using it for more heavy duty use, like anal use, you may find yourself frustrated because it absorbs so quickly. Because it's totally tasteless, it's good if you need a little bit of lube to get you going for oral sex with penetrative play, as well.

In the end, I'd really recommend this for people who need a little lube to get things started, but not people who need lubricant for more than a few minutes.

A small sample packet will probably last you through two moderate uses, or one heavy duty use.


The portion I purchased comes in a small packet made of cardboard that I assume is lined with plastic; it's extremely travel friendly, since you don't need to carry along a whole bottle of lube. It's subtle and would easily pass for a travel packet of lotion unless someone was reading the info on the front.

The back of the package also includes the ingredients:
Purified Water, Plant cellulose (from cotton), Aloe Barbadensis, Natural Tocopherols (vitamin E), Cyamopsis (guar conditioners), Hibiscus, Extracts of Flax, Green Tea, and Sunflower, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol (rose ether).

It also has some basic info about the lube, and the denotation that it's made in the USA.

Special Features

Because it absorbs so easily, you don't have any cleanup--if you fall asleep after sex, that's totally fine, because there's nothing to wash off! It also leaves my skin feeling really soft, so this has other use as a moisturizer.
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